Alzheimer's At 46: Living With Young Onset Dementia

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Alzheimer's At 46: Living With Young Onset Dementia 5

When George found out he had dementia, he was only 46 years old. Talking Point explores why a disease associated with the elderly is affecting more and more Singaporeans under the age of 65.



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omg im so scared, im only in my twentied but my memory is HORRIBLE....maybe it's really time i take care of my brain health

Author — Kay


The irony of this video is the patient himself was a very very active person

Author — Noah Chrisella


They're millions of Dementia. Patients who are in their forties suffering with dementia, to see someone you love forgetting where they live, forgetting where they put things, forgetting family names. Everything about daily activities is difficult for them .its frustrating for the patients and difficult for families to understand.

Author — Donna Kirton


Tragic for everyone concerned. Very sad.

Author — Faux Manchu


I have a mom with dementia. I fully understand how it was for her. From the beginning of the onset where we and she 1st realized there was an issue till today.

I want to share my view: i don't think keeping them just working can help them much. This is just to make them feel they are engaged. It does not help in the TREATMENT, which is what the patient really needs. They don't need you to waste their time on merely keeping them busy. In fact, they will feel down that you are seeing them being wasteful.

Author — Rich Dad


We're consuming too much processed food and too stressed out...

Author — Alvin Leong


When the idea of cafe, health and working with both young and more elders all come to one place. Love the last clip lead by the Alzheimers Society in Singapore. <3

Author — 24appleberries


Why has it increased so much, is no one trying to find the cause.

Author — gail boyle


At least it ended on a positive note, and a hopeful future for those with Alzheimer's, although it's not a treatment.

Author — Clorox Bleach


Beyond heart rendering. It is the long goodbye.
George you are a Love.
This made me weep.

Author — Rebel Tremaynne


Good for George to not give up. May your wife continue to have strength, love and support to keep helping you. George, you are a very fortunate man to have such a lovely wife.

Author — Warren States


how do you "prevent dementia"? You don't.

Author — CB isme


Thats because they are too busy to find time to relax, be happy and enjoy with family and friends and maybe find time for God that makes us all....

Author — Nes Clem


Lionsmane mushroom can save u from alzhimers just a tip . Go lisen to paul samets

Author — Marius Of Earth


I have Parkinson's Disease and vascular dementia I'm in the middle stages starting to forget people were I'm at on the road in April I was going to get 1 bed house I woke up last week Didn't know where I was that was scary I Don't know if I want to go to a nursing home or home it comes with 2& acres of land

Author — Steve Miller


There is much wisdom in this short documentary. One of the major symptoms of a dementia is "behavioural apathy" which means it is increasingly harder for a person living with a dementia to be engaged, for the brain to be stimulated. Just by engaging in small ways - for instance, the dementia cafe - will help enormously.

Author — Ian David Corbert-Walker


Show the full was out running making this dementia worse instead of dancing which would have probably prevented and everything else about it

Author — D S


Exercise is just a healthy lifestyle but it does NOT slow down the disease. There is only ONE substance on the planet that can slow down or reverse Alzheimers. It's a fact. The drug companies don't want the public. It was discovered by a female doctor when her husband got the disease. It's the only thing that stopped the disease in my family. Even the caregivers and doctors were shocked by the improvement. It works. Do your research and stop giving them drugs. Drugs don't work.

Author — Carolyn Feldman


Maybe try taking more brain food and suplements like Pyrroloquinoline quinone PQQ and Cq10. Better to consult a doctor. Just suggesting.

Author — Albert Tang


Sadly, when I forgot something, it makes me think that im old.