The Killing Drink (Short Comedy Sketch)

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The Killing Drink (Short Comedy Sketch) 4.5

Welcome to the literal bar. Are you being served?

Producer: Stefan Parker
Director of Photography: Matthew Riley
Editors: Creda Wilson & Connor Snedecor
Composer: Roman Falkenstein
Costume Designer: Sabina Piccini
Sound Recordist : Janis Sokolovskis
1st Assistant Director: Albertine Selvik
2nd Assistant Director: Ben Keswick
1st Assistant Camera: George de Freitas
Grip: Connor Snedecor
Make-up Artist: Carly Guy
Storyboard Artist: Helena Bonastre
Wardrobe Assistant: Karina Beinerte
Runner: Josey Jacobs
Sound Designer: James Bryant
Colourist: Joshua Warren
Musical Sound Engineer: Sergey Laletin
Vocals: Kitija Bluma
Guitars: Linards Sveklis
Bass Guitar: Edvins Ozols

Equipment provided by Picture Canning
Special thanks to Davy's Cooperage & Wine Vaults

Short Pictures
Film 0.1
(c) 2016

We made this video using:
- Skype. Lots of Skype.
- Dropbox. Even more of Dropbox.
- Muslin cloth & baby tissues
- YouTube Space London
- a real knife and fake blood
- 34 bottles of IPA and 3 bottles of single malt Scotch (purely for research purposes)
- A pack of apple juice
- reel blood and a fake knife
- director's jeans

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Bet that drink will eventually cost him an arm & a leg..!

Author — rich Mck


Welcome to the literal bar. Are you being served?

Author — Lauris Beinerts


Wow! This is the kind of magical comedy that makes you laugh inside your head, rather than loudly.
Applause to you :) :)

Author — Megha Sridhar


Poor Anderson...having to deal with impossible people

Author — Segonye Mahlaba


Another bloke walks in: "I like mine shaken, not stirred."

Author — Emin


I love your video description. It tells everything someone would want to know about your video. More people should adopt this

Author — Mr. Creasy


haha your videos are actually pretty good.

Author — AudVid Bros.


I uploaded Turkish subtitle for this short and ready for your aproval. Thx in advance.

Author — Emin GÜVEN


Brilliant!! Loved this sketch! Well done! x

Author — Karl Parish


this is why I don't go to bars anymore (both nuts removed...)

Author — Crimson Sea


Love this, very understated and dry. Excellent stuff

Author — Black Crow Films


This is really funny! :) But can I ask you how you have gotten so many views and subs with only six videos? We have just started ourself, and the humor is more childish, but I feel its difficult to get noticed in the beginning

Author — Fumble Dumble


this is a pointless video, change my mind

Author — muffii