Valkyrie Investment Guide - Updated for v5.0!

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Brief look into 5.1 as well

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Swallowtail Phantasm
00:34 Drive Kometa
00:59 Divine Prayer
01:30 Hawk of the Fog
01:57 Blueberry Blitz
02:22 Sakuno Rondo
02:44 Herrscher of Sentience
03:14 Herrscher of Flamescion
03:38 Azure Empyrea
04:09 Herrscher of Thunder
04:26 Herrscher of Reason
04:47 Starchasm Nyx
05:26 Dea Anchora
06:05 Bright Knight
06:39 Starlit Astrologos
06:57 Fischl
07:12 Haxxor Bunny
07:30 Darkbolt Jonin
07:52 Fervent Tempo Delta
08:11 Lightning Empress
08:27 Knight Moonbeam
08:51 Fallen Rosemary
09:19 Celestial Hymn
09:37 Elysia
10:47 Argent Knight
11:04 Stygian Nymph
11:35 Herrscher of the Void
12:05 Small tidbits

💬 Comments

Every Honkai impact guide ever: Summon ALL the S-ranks and get their whole ass gear and weapon to get good. So basically, become a whale and sell your organs

Author — Treva Creation


I think the key takeaway is that after all these years, there are still no stronger abilities in the game than Visa and MasterCard

Author — Rico


*other considerations: Night Squire*

NS is eternal

Author — Ronsen


As someone who just got back into Honkai impact 3 and forgot literally everything about this game.. This is like the best video right now, can't tell you how much I needed this!

Author — Reis Drawings


Getting HoS was the best thing I have ever gotten in the game

Author — jupiter


The only thing makes me happy is hor still being one of the best dps since 3.3

Despite losing to nyx interms of high coverege, she still relevant.

hoping she will get a time stop on her ult since hor ult animation is waste of time in abyss, same as hot.

Author — ᴍᴀxᴡᴇʟʟ ʟᴀᴜʀᴇɴᴛ


"you won't really need this until you're in nirvana"

haha yeah keeby once I'm in nirvana haha yeah

Author — superfuzzball


"You won't really need this until you're in nirvana"

Me, having a really hard time in Red Lotus: *intense sweating*

Author — Devin Adam S


This video is probably one of the best guides i saw for Honkai impact.
Currently aiming for Herrscher of Flamescion (with my 5k Crystals, bet ill just get her battlesuit or not lmao) for a better fire dps and since i need more PSY characters and what a "great" time that Starchasm is right after her in 5.0 ;--;

Author — Herrscher Of Destruction


4:35 "And she rides a bike" hahaha
Nice guide as always, there are some things that I have access to and totally missed it even at 80, thanks~

Author — Wong He


Getting HoR and AE early within one month... Man I'm lucky to have them both. Helps me prioritize SA, FT, and DK.

Author — Summery Cast


If you’re a new player you should be rolling for HoS, then HoF, then HoT, then HoR. After that you can pretty much get who you want. Being competitive in hi3 is pointless, all the top players are whales who don’t earn there ranking and just pay for it.

Don’t be like that new players. Earn your rankings. Don’t just pay to be at the top.

Author — William Rivera


Me who's probably not gonna follow the guide and mess everything up: *Great guide!*

Author — Hayden


Thank you so much for this… I just hit level 70 and the difficulty spike is crazy. I’ve been looking at videos on advice because I hear this is where the real struggles begin lol

Author — Strange Potato


You don't even know how much I needed this. Thank you for making such an easy to understand video.

A general question: if you own some of signature gear for a Valk (like 1 or 2 parts of the stigma set), is it better to use it or to use the f2p option?

Author — Goras147


Dang not a single himeko's battlesuit there.

Author — Elinam Anansi


This really came at the perfect time. Just getting back into the game after like 6 months and I was wondering what I should work on.

Author — Noliaj


that is very excellent job on recapping new and old valks in one short video, it must been a great effort to produce it, keep going <3 <3

Author — Omar Mohammad Ghazaly


thank you for updating! ive been using your guides ever since i started almost 2 months ago. im trying to be semi competitive so this was really helpful

Author — luc


Honestly having started this game just a week ago I feel blessed having both this guide and the new player guide, great video as always.

Author — Kenix Gàlvez