Video shows migrant teen who died in US holding cell l ABC News

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Video shows migrant teen who died in US holding cell l ABC News 4.5

Officials are demanding answers after new video shows the unattended 16-year-old from Guatemala fall seriously ill from the flu and slowly die.

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Yes he came into America illegally however it doesn’t mean he’s not a human being that is 16 years old. A human is still a human no matter what race or age. It’s disgusting how they let him die like that.

Side note: he did come in illegally. When seeking asylum, the petitioner must wait till it’s approved. Chances of that is very low.

Author — ツMari


Everyone here is so cruel, illegal immigration shouldn’t equal a death sentence

Author — Slacker


The whole system is rotten. These guys dont care.

Author — Bdpjev


This is horrible he needed medical attention and they just let him die

Author — SBF HAWK


Rest In Peace 😢they saw him dying and didn’t care.

Author — MrBossdog2


So they basically killed the kid by letting him die in his cell & are hiding the evidence cuz 4 HOURS "MAGICALLY" GONE between his collapse to his death.

Author — orando15


Does not matter the circumstances that got him in that cell, that is just in humane

Author — Nikolas Williams


The disregard for human life in the comments is troubling.

Author — Jorge Soto


The saddest part is that we can't do anything about this except comment on yt

Author — TheHybridlogic


Poor boy treated him like a he rest in peace

Author — Martina Chavez


To let a child die like that is sick. That's absolute torture.

Author — smile it's just a game


They're treating these people as if they're not human.

Author — Did I Stutter?


The guards: there are so many people in custody we forgot we had to feed them

Refugees: dies of heart attack

Author — Azreal Of the 1st legion


And the people who think this is ok consider themselves "pro life" smh🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Author — AvaZweetie


Please don’t choose orange man again for president.

Author — Thvgs


Basic human rights. Have you ever been sick? This is absolutely horrible

Author — Mikey D


When civil war breaks out in America, the tables will turn and we will be the ones trying to cross borders to Mexico and Canada illegally.

Author — Joe N Crypto


That's messed up... Someone must be held responsible for murdering this young man! 😳

Author — Trash Man


The boy just wanted to migrate in search for a better life.

Author — jesus rosales


I’m so pissed, those officers need to be in jail, they literally let him die

Author — Boba