Naya Rivera Meets Mr. Steal Yo' Girl | Kevin Hart: Lyft Legend | Laugh Out Loud Network

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Naya Rivera Meets Mr. Steal Yo' Girl | Kevin Hart: Lyft Legend | Laugh Out Loud Network 5

#LyftLegend D-Mac is handing out love and relationship advice left and right, but he just might be losing his own "girlfriend" to one lucky Lyft rider!

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💬 Comments on the video

This is a bit cruel that this was recommended to me.

Author — Tirsit Enbackom


The first passenger's energy was off the charts in positivity. His soon to be wife is lucky.

Author — carmeles spasm


Naya had perfect teeth....not to mention her flawless eye brows a truly stunning young woman 😢 rip queen

Author — Powder Queen


Why is this only getting recommended to us now

Author — olivia larose


Got engaged and met kevin Hart well damn that's a good day

Author — Fresh Nation


This makes me so sad. Naya Rivera deserved so much more time to be alive.

Author — Kurtsiecolferite S


"I mean, look at her" we know milan, we know 🥺😔

Author — Selina Cordano


Not surprised he started shamelessly flirting with naya infront of her "man"

Author — Malika S


That first guy ugh humanity still exist his karisma

Author — Jaada Avila


The first guy was so positive I loved him lol 💚

Author — The Grotte Family


Naya Rivera: a sweet, kind, gentle, loving, caring, sister, daughter, and mother. Her body was found yesterday in a lake. My chest gets tight whenever I think about her. I hope her son grows up knowing everyday his mother loved him and that she was amazing and inspired many. Long Live A Queen 👑 🌅🙏🏾

Author — Tea’s Time


we gon site here and act like the first dude didn’t kill those impressions ❓🤣💀

Author — Q G


ok the second guy cant be trusted, really trying to steal the drivers girl???

Author — Ken Blake


That is the only disguise I've seen that actually looks real

Author — Nik


i skipped to naya’s part and so i didn’t get the whole concept of this at all and as the driver was talking i was like damn this guy sounds like kevin hart .... 🤦🏼‍♀️

Author — Jess_K


Rip Naya ❤️ Sad that i’m getting all these recommendations of her after hearing the news of her passing

Author — Jaz Mine


If only he knew what a legend was sitting next to him

Author — Taylor


Loool... I lowkey clicked cause I thought they were referring to Trey Songz as Mr. Steal Yo' Girl

Author — Nasra Mh


How Beautiful was she what a sad fate. RIP to her, so beautiful.

Author — D. Hull


The second guy though, hitting on someone's girl...dude is dirty! He is the type of guy that sleeps with friends women!

Author — somtitious