London Taxi Driver PLAYS Watch Dogs: Legion

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Is Watch Dogs: Legion accurate to London? As a professional London Taxi driver, I share my thoughts and opinions of their interpretation of the London map.

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💬 Comments

Hilarious how you're enjoying the realism of London while ignoring pedestrians smacking off your windshield lol

Author — Krazy Tim


You have to play Assassins Creed Syndicate. Obviously set in the Victorian era but I’m sure you’ve always wanted to be a taxi driver with a horse drawn carriage!

Author — Ryan Ford


You should check out The Getaway on PS2, great time capture of 2002 London :D

Author — Larry Bundy Jr


this video really shows your knowledge of London its actually mind-blowing how much you know! you could even tell the pavement was wider at some point lmao

Author — Anthony Harley


I thought I knew a lot about London, but your memory particularly for all the different statues and buildings is very impressive. You've got a great brain Tom.

Author — John Orchin


Taxi driver has a day off and uses it to drive a taxi in a game 😂

Author — Alison B


Thanks for playing Tom. We worked very hard to capture a London that people who know it intimately would recognize. Wonderful seeing your reaction to it :)

Author — ClickNothing


I love the YouTube algorithm, occasionally dropping me gems like this (:

Author — Callum Nagra


Runs untold pedestrians over and doesnt say a thing, Lightly dinks another taxi: "Sorry Mate"

Author — Rattus Puer


Yeah you know level of detail in games is praiseworthy when, never mind a well done London, the game devs look at the schematics and blueprints of real landmarks and use that to build them in the game.
Like how they did it for Notre Dame in Paris, and then when the fire happened, the game studio gave the lot reconstructing the cathedral their research and stuff because it was so 1 to 1.
Love the video, love seeing you geek out about London.
On another point, super respectful to history of them, to put in beloved demolished landmarks like that.

Author — Jack Mellor


In conclusion: "It's London but it's not innit"

Author — Electric Midnight


I love how you run so many people but the only time you apologise is when you hit another taxi

Author — Vincent Moon


Not only do you have the knowledge, you absolutely could be a historical tour guide. Your genuine love for London really shows through in this video

Author — Daniel Pye


Tom: "I'm going to assume this is an interpretation of Rosebury Avenue". Me: Hmm, yes, quite.

Author — Jim Blackler


I bought this game a couple of months ago purely to do the same as you -- I loved seeing how all the places I knew and walk down every day were so true to real life, and it was fun pointing out all the areas that were "wrong". Bishopsgate is true to life until you hit Norton Folgate where they miss out a small chunk of new developments, but the Shoreditch high street is bang on.

I could listen to you all day chatting about London history; it's one of my favourite things.

Author — Silvagadron


I was honestly impressed how you know the names of all those buildings an places this was oddly satisfying, still no idea why it ended up in my youtube recommended tho

Author — Chris Clancy


A lot of game Devs put in the effort to make a game the way they want it. People recognising the work they've put in, even if it's very few people, is rewarding. I love that you've been able to reveal the details and work that the Devs have put time into so that more people can appreciate it.

Author — Harry Fullick


“There’s all this ‘abolish the police state’, it’s kind of scarily close to what we’re near in Contemporary London...
Let’s go see the London Eye!”

Author — LAST NYTE


It's bloody mental how much you know about London. I've spoken with a fair number of cabbies that know the roads very well, but almost none of them know the amount you do about both current and historical landmarks off the top of their heads.

Author — Daylen


It’s crazy how he’s not even looking at the map he just knows where to go

Author — crispyPK