What Happens When We Die? - Glad You Asked S1

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Death has changed dramatically in the last century. From the changing definition of death to near death experiences, Alex Clark embarks to answer arguably humanity’s biggest question: What happens when we die? While looking into the dreams of the dying, Alex finds there might be an answer.

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Correction: A previous version of this video included footage of Eva Braun and her family, which was included in error. We have replaced the footage.

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Thanks for watching! Early on, I unearthed a soviet-era film that appears to show dogs who are brought ‘back to life’ with a revolutionary machine called the autojektor. At the time, the scientists who conducted these experiments believed that they had truly defeated death! While this wasn’t the case, it’s fascinating to me how rapidly modern science has changed our relationship with something so ancient and permanent. How do you think death will change in the future?

Another note for clarity: We refer to Defibrillators as devices that restart a normal heartbeat via electric pulse or shock to the heart. They can’t restart a failed heart 💔.

Author — Alex Clark


Why don't you interview someone who has died before.

Author — Akash Parua


“Everyone says life is short, yet it’s the longest thing we experience”

Author — AngusWatto _TheGreat


When people ask this question they're not asking about their body, but the consciousness, the mind/ spirit.

Author — Sorcerer Supreme


Don't be scared of dying, be scared of not living.

Author — Trawler Kent


You know. Dying is the ultimate adventure.

Author — Lucas Gardezani Abduch


"death is like a dreamless sleep. We've been practicing it every day."

Author — Rekka - Ken


my grandmas last words before she died “i’m walking up the porch steps” my family has a porch in our backyard that she loved, when she said that it lead me to believe she’s walking up the steps to the light :)

Author — Bella Fernandes


My grandma's last words
" I will be always with you"

Author — FrinTlin Zap


Just here to flex that I dont have youtube premium.


Author — Dee B


We just see big letters saying “Game Over”

Author — Toilet Paper


I'm not afraid of dying, I'm just afraid of losing my memories with the people whom I truly treasure, whom I spend my time with. I wish there's this thing called reborn, if I could be reborn and reincarnated to the next life without losing my memories and still related with the people whom I treasured, I'd be the happiest person.😊

Author — UwU? VwV?


Last words of a family member:
"I need to sleep, i'm really tired."
Then she died, in her sleep.

Author — G L I T C H E D


Mr great grandmothers last words were, “Hello Raymond!”. Raymond was her eldest son who had died many years before

Author — Brookie Gee


I’m not afraid of dying, just afraid of the sensation of losing breath when the moment comes, or the pain etc

Author — Kenier Moore


People are scared of dying because they think it’ll be eternally dark and lonely, but this isn’t true because death isn’t an experience to be had. Death is the absence of life.

Author — bubbyskittles


Is it just me or someone else thought aswell that dying is just a blackout

Author — TalkToHands


I’m not particularly scared of being dead, I’m just scared of the process of dying knowing that my life is coming to an end and not being able to do anything about it.

Author — Emily O'Driscoll


Death is not scary, however what will cause it is.

Author — Zeuses Coven


"I know that the ones who love us will miss us" - Keanu Reeves