Trump lashes out at 'conflicts of interest' in Mueller probe

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Trump lashes out at 'conflicts of interest' in Mueller probe 4.5
More than a dozen members of the special counsel's team have donated almost exclusively to Democratic candidates, according to Federal Election Commission records; Kevin Corke reports.

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Congress-DOJ need 2 invoke the Logan Act & stop John Kerry from interfering where he doesn’t belong

Автор — stand4 truth


*Jim Jordan: “No Better Definition Of The Swamp” Than Comey-Mueller-Rosenstein*
Rep. Jim Jordan has provided an absolutely perfect description of the Washington DC swamp. While talking to Jesse Watters of Watters’ World, Jordan described the chain of connections between Robert Mueller, James Comey and Rod Rosenstein.
"But I do think, if you want a great example of the swamp, think about this. Rod Rosenstein writes the memo for firing James Comey. James Comey leaks information to The New York Times to get Bob Mueller to be the special counsel. Rod Rosenstein names Bob Mueller the special counsel. And one of the things Bob Mueller is supposed to be looking into, was there obstruction of justice in the firing of James Comey by Rod Rosenstein? This is crazy. But if you want to see what the swamp looks like, I don’t know of any better example than that."

Автор — David Brent


Giuliani would be a great least he got balls

Автор — tigertone1


Why did this money grubbing Stormy Daniels decide to attack President Trump before he became the President? From the very beginning this president has been thrown in the pits of hell for one reason or another, when one thing did not pan out they find another. The agenda is to get this president out! The Democratics have not done one thing for this country since Mr. Trump became president. They are still trying to keep thier diapers from spilling over, but we smell them all over the USA.

Автор — Juanita Johnson


on the lawyers misspoken statement on the stormy daniels case them seem to forget the fact regardless of. either or not, he did know or didnt know it's still not illegal to pay for a non disclosure agreement unless of course we extent the same rules to all and open up every single non disclosure agreement

they are trying make whether a president knew something illegal but then obama most be in hot water because he knew about hillary's illegal server and did nothing

Автор — Dracoryprime


Fat Nixon is the king of conflicts of interest. He'll be impeached after November.

Автор — Gabby Hyman


Every time rudy opens his mouth tweety gets another year on his sentence. You rock rudy! 🤣

Автор — Rumple4skin


This will be won in the court of public opinion. Mueller is losing. Careers of the Mueller's team are all but gone. Rosenstein/Sessions fired. Comey locked up.

And then Clinton. If your not out of the country yet, better start packing.

Автор — The Russian Bot, Inc.


That is so trump, complaining about conflict of interest when he is the king of conflict of interest.

Автор — happy hiker69


This ‘investigation” has gone on way too long. There is no Russian collusion therefore no “obstruction of justice”, and no one really cares about this silly Stormy Daniels nonsense. It’s time move on and let Trump do his job. The Dems need to accept he is the President, he won fair and square.

And all you butthurt libtards need to grow up. If you want to remove Trump you’ll get another shot in 2020. We very tired of your constant whining! 😡

Автор — austin styles


She know first hand about MSM bullying her son

Автор — Canadian kid


I agree there is a conflict of Mueller, Rosenstein are all Republicans.

Автор — Jane S


First lady is doing wonderful, she is amazing!!

Автор — Flora Moreland


Obstruction of Justice. Trump 2024, 2028, 2032 Long live the king.

Автор — Happy Flappy Loin


Ah yes those damn Democrats are behind all of this... Oh wait Mueller, Comey, and Rosenstein are all republicans and Comey and Rosenstein were voted in by Republicans and confirmed by Trump!

Oh sorry I forgot we live in the times of alternative facts.

Автор — erik3423


In these comments, primitive knuckle-draggers we still call republicans pound their chest at nothing for their king. He will reward them with empty promises.

Автор — Beta


Poor Trump. Rudy not working out. Sell out the son in law. Wife building her own brand for when you meltdown.

Автор — J B


Trump donated to Democratic candidates many times. Is that a conflict of interest?

Автор — D E


A sitting president cannot be indicted...morons. Talk of subpoenas or pleading the 5th is utterly nonsense. No evidence of collusion. Tell Mueller go take a nap on a train track

Автор — Harder Harder


Love My President! Mueller is disgrace to our nation.

Автор — ROXEY