ParaZapper Six Pack, Very Good ACCURACY PROVEN

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ParaZapper Six Pack, Very Good ACCURACY PROVEN.
When applying frequencies to the body, in accordance with the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL), accuracy is extremely important. The Parazapper Six Packhas 14 accurate frequencies that are many of the most commonly used frequencies used by Rife researchers in using a contact/pad frequency device. The 14 unique frequencies that are included in the Parazapper Six Pack are set at 100% positive offset, per Hulda Clark's specifications.. The Parazapper Six Pack also uses constant current technology, has a 5 year warranty and is Made right here in the USA. Being that the Parazapper Six Pack is portable, durable, per-programmed and very easy to use, it enables the user to find it more convenient to make use of this high quality zapper/frequency generator more hours per day.
According to Hulda Clark:
“Parasites can be killed with a very small voltage. But only IF the voltage is 100% Positive Offset, and only IF the voltage is varied up and down repeatedly”.
“If the varying voltage become NEGATIVE, even momentarily, it supports and maintains their lives!” ,,,, “If the voltage is applied in pulses, to produce a "Square wave, it will affect many parasites at once so that the rate raising and lowering it, called frequency, is not critical. Even though these tiny animals undoubtedly have a "mortal frequency", this rate does not need to be known or used when a square wave of electricity, totally positive, is used.” ,,,, “A positive electrical force that pulses up and down not only appears to kill tiny invaders, it also seems to energize white blood cells to go on an all-out attack on your enemies: your parasites, your toxins everything in spite of their four blockers. In spite of benzene PCBs, metals and asbestos! For a time your white blood cells turn into Super-WBCs. That is why I recommend eight hours of zapping daily until you are well.”

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Thanks for putting up these videos. This builds my confidence for the para zapper

Author — esfromec1


Does this Parazapper help kill parasitic worms? I have a very high infection. Face head arm legs chest. Even got in my lungs causing heart palpitations. Would this be a good pick for elimination?

Author — Reagan Mills


Where can I buy this ?? Can you send me a link PLEASE ??? God Bless you for posting this

Author — sweetlilyankeechick


Ive been with 4000 plus men so will it help me?

Author — Fat Harold


I just got mine. I am trying it for a non-union tibia fracture.  I was interested enough that I just ordered a My +.  I am a capitalist and have no problem with guys making a buck on YouTube.  I take your posts more seriously as you sell nothing.  Once you buy that farm in WV the wife and I are inviting you to dinner.


Author — 28bull