Canada's New Shipping Shortcut

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Canada's New Shipping Shortcut 4.5

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Select footage courtesy NASA

Research by William Mayne

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Imagine if you will, canadian pirates...

Author — Xi Jinping


Canada should fill in the narrowest part then dig it out and call it a canal, then they kill all debate.

Author — OJ Sutton


There’s no way it’s an international waterway, it’s not providing countries ocean access, it’s a shortcut.

If this is made an international waterway, then so should the Panama and Suez Canal

Author — James Shearwood


if russia charges for the syberian air corridor, canada should charge for sailing on the northwest passage as well.

Author — TrixieKat


Canada should get the waters, if no one wanted them international 50 years ago nothing should change

Author — Brucie Dahl


Can anyone explain why Canada is being forced to set their passage "international", while Panama and Suez straits are still making traffic pay?

Author — NoName


100% Canadian territory....this is coming from an American....

Author — HunterB777


This is a tough one. On the one hand international maritime law is international maritime law, but on the other hand I see the Canadians point of view. All of the other declared short cuts are literally that - SHORT cuts - except for maybe the Danube River one mentioned in the video. In the case of NWP you're talking about saying one country has to allow everyone else to travel hundreds or maybe even a thousand miles through it. This is a bit of a unique situation. I side with Canada's claim. If Canada wants to control the passage and limit the type and origin of ships that can pass through, then that should be their choice. If Canada wants to ban ships like an Exxon Valdez that could severely damage the environment, that should be their choice. If they want to ban military vessels, that should be their choice. What if Russia or Chinese air craft carriers want to transit the passage? Then they could effectively launch a surprise attack on Canada from the heart of their own country. Yeah I'm with Canada all the way on this the more that I think about it.

Author — Alex Rodriguez


It cant be considered international because you have to literally go through solely Canada. There it belongs to Canada

Author — Jonathan Villalta


"should one country decide who can go from the Atlantic to the Pacific faster"

Well, if Panama could do it, and Egypt could do it (charge fees), it only makes sense that Canada can.

Author — Nathan Brown


I think I'm on Canada's side here, but only because the panama and suez canals are internally managed. This waterway doesnt help out any otherwise landlocked countries.

Author — Trevan Haskell


this got from "Canada being unfriendly" horror story to "Canada being very reasonable" to "Canada can play with your economy" very fast

Author — Daria Zagorskaia


The northwest passage is Canadian sovereign land

Author — sam clarke


This should be Canada’s waters and this is from an American(I’m Australian btw)

Author — Cayson Barnes


This is the real reason rich people don't "believe" in climate change. Also, all that real estate in Antarctica.

Author — Colton R. Dean


Melting sea ice does not raise water levels. Melting land ice does however raise water levels.

High school physics.

Author — Kristofer Eriksson


I dont see how it can be considered international waters. All examples that were listed were examples of a country being blocked access completely to the oceans and it was the sole path to a location. NW passage is not a sole route to the pacific or Atlantic

Author — TheGreatSeraphim


"Global warming is opening a route that's better for the environment".... proportions, dude, proportions....

Author — I Nalys


9:14 "if the US climate warms by 12 degrees by 2100 ..." That just has to be wrong.

Author — Daniel Stapler


7:30 "northern provinces" they're territories not provinces

Author — Noah Lear