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Research by William Mayne

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Imagine if you will, canadian pirates...

Author — El Musk


There’s no way it’s an international waterway, it’s not providing countries ocean access, it’s a shortcut.

If this is made an international waterway, then so should the Panama and Suez Canal

Author — James Shearwood


Aha! The Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut are territories, not provinces!

Author — Daniel Jakes


I think Canada can have it. It's running right through them. If it's not there's, it would be a security risk.

Author — Will-I-Am-Not


Canada: "Hey that's an act of war!"
US: "lol ok"

Author — LegendLength


Canada should fill in the narrowest part then dig it out and call it a canal, then they kill all debate.

Author — OJ Sutton


By 2050, humanity would have officially killed the Arctic, but hey: we can transport goods through it.

Author — Cormac Harrington


You know why they call it Nunavut? Because that's how much of it is habitable... None of it.

And you want us to fund your free North West Passage. HAHA! I'd rather dump my maple syrup into my double double and take a slap shot to the nuts while getting kicked in the head by a moose, eh?

Author — Synystr7


Canada maintains the water way and charges a fee, what you get is coast guard and navel ships patrolling the passage and gives you quick search and rescue response. A port is being build half way across the passage where you can dock and repair your ship.
anyone caught dumping garbage or fuel will be banned from using the passage, any accidental leakage will be met with heavy fines.
Those new icebreaker patrol ships for the navy along with the new CCG ships will do the job.

Author — Baseshocks


I live in Saguenay, yeah! No one knows my city apparently.

Author — Magnum Crackoff


One flaw regarding how money from increased shipping alone can permit development of Canada's arctic, is the fact that it has a tundra climate. Comparing the Canada's arctic to Anchorage, Longyearbyen, and Murmasnk is misleading since those places are moderated by the ocean, and are relatively warm places.

Author — bootht99


I'm American and even I think it's Canada's waters. I mean, it literally goes RIGHT through their country. They have the choice of making the passage international, but refusing to allow trade ships through WOULD prevent an entire new economy from ever forming.

Author — - Yurjezich -


As I Canadian I strongly support our ownership of the Northwest passage - if UN countries wanted it to be an international waterway they should have thought ahead of time to declare it such, seeing as it is just now showing the ability to allow safe passage though the arctic areas and Northern territories they chose to jump on it, which brings up thoughts of children fighting over toys in a sand box, and shows the inability of other major governments to behave maturely, on top of that, pressuring a country that is renowned for being friendly into publicizing something that could majorly benefit its citizens almost seems like a form of bulling, if they are going to tax passage ways such as the panama canal and the Suez canal, and then complain about taxing on the Northwest passage, it just seems hypocritical, something that should not appear in international politics, we should not allow other nations across the sea - or simply to the south of us to push us around.

Author — Skylights


I think I'm on Canada's side here, but only because the panama and suez canals are internally managed. This waterway doesnt help out any otherwise landlocked countries.

Author — Trevan Haskell


I'm from America and I say it does belong to Canada

Author — Cullen Moseley


Canada should build a wall around Nunavut and declare it as their water.

Author — Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman


Even proud canadians would have to admit that the u.s. would steamroll them with the crushing force of our military forces including the coast guard.

Author — Ronald Florio


Maybe this is why Trump quit the Paris Agreement...
To get ice melting faster, so the raw materials can reach the US cheaper from China??😯

Author — Zhan Wei Goh


If the panama canal and other canals have the right to be privatised, Canada should have the same right, they are not denying any other country access to the ocean.

Author — Lukas Wenig


I think those waters belong to Canada for 1 reason - they're surrounded by Canadian land. So anyone who'e willing to sail there will have to pay. Also under the WTO (or some such) Canada cannot discriminate against countries and not let, say, Chinese ships to pass. That would be a dispute Canada would most definitely loose.
But if look at Russian north - it's a different story and Russia, probably, won't have the right to charge ships for passing.
But sailing, trade and bringing stuff is somewhat unimportant if you look at the broader picture. You mentioned economics and how the GDP would suffer, but why didn't you consider the biological and botanical effects planet will suffer? If temperatures rise we loose crops, animals, forests. We "gain" droughts, fires, unbearable temperatures the closer you get to the equator... I don't think shipping will be such an important issue as we basically won't have much to ship anymore.

Author — DonCutlass