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Army BEAN | Mr Bean Full Episodes | Mr Bean Official 4.5

Mr Bean goes back to school and gets the attention of some military personnel!

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woo my god .I like bean so much since I was a child....Always make me for sharing....God bless

Author — kaho夏帆


Still watching mr Bean 10 November, 2019...Nigeria

Author — Uloko Great


His dumbness won millions Love u from India

Author — SL Meghwal


Bean is the only man that who can generate fun with his

Author — Khaleel yoyo


I'm so happy watching this before sleep

Author — call me Wildan


He was so talented that he made millions laugh without saying a single word... Greetings from Egypt 🇪🇬

Author — Mohammed Hagag


*Many Comments About Country*
It doesn't matter
*Mr . Bean is part of our childhood*

Author — Mousam Goswami


استغفر الله واتوب إليه جزائري مرى من هنا ( 05 12 2019)

Author — Baabouche Kaki


18 December 2019, i like mr.bean film since 1995, from Tangerang Indonesia.

Author — andrian lusiana


19 de novembro de 2019
Vemmm 19, vemm... Quem és tu?

Author — Uriel de Carvalho


Back in those days, we had our own Charlie Chaplin!! It was one of the best shows of childhood. Interestingly, still I am enjoying these repeated episodes, I wish if he could come up with more episodes of Mr. Bean.

Author — Siddharth Singh


Um why does the commander keep shouting Hehe thr army Waving arms

Author — MartinSGV Clockmen


As youngster the friday evenings where always Mr. Bean evenings.

Author — Steffen Schuchardt


21/12/2019 Brasil. Não te conheço, mas que você tenha um feliz Natal e um maravilhoso ano novo. Que deus te abençoe grandemente.

Author — Luiz Carlos


I will miss the memories of my childhood with this legendary :(

Author — Arthzeera


Look at this part 22:52 i cried look at him so sad.😭😭😭😢😢

Author — Maldivian001


I remember when i watch all mr.bean episodes with my best friend and laugh together.. But now there is a pandemic and i just laugh alone😞

Author — Ardiaei


28-03-2020 Watching in a lockdown during Corona Virus Spread :(

Author — Sunderdeep Singh


Such a stupid wonderful man hahaha doing such a foolish things so sily but having fun

Author — Uday Kanth


single word to describe ROWAN ATKINSON : " LEGEND"

Author — Mugesh Mj