Tucker to author: Why's Trump's wall a symbol of hate?

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Tucker to author: Why's Trump's wall a symbol of hate? 4.5
Tucker takes on undocumented immigrant who became a VP at Goldman Sachs and an American citizen and says president's deportation force is scarier than his proposed border wall, which is a 'symbol of hate' #Tucker

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This idiot was VP for Goldman Sachs? I see why they needed a bailout...

Author — hotchowder


Tell me how you determine what numbers are taken for your ILLEGAL social security card? Any U.S. citizen caught doing this type of FRAUD would be prosecuted! I am getting tired of this DOUBLE standard in our judicial system!

Author — Daniel Tyrrell


America has the right to defend itself.

Author — adday sitto


Sorry, she does not deserve to be American..
I am legal immigrants and i want the wall.. I think we need wall, it is emergency..

Author — ADRIAN4 Trump2020


I robbed a bank because there just isnt a easy pathway to get rich in america. How else was I supposed to survive?

Author — Betsy Gray O’Malley


Goldman Sachs lets all call the company and email and ask if they know, that they hired an employee that lied and commented fraud

Author — Shed Squatch


I am a legal immigrant from Canada. I wasted all that time and energy becoming a U.S citizen when I could have just made up my own SS# for free.

Author — Greg Baulk


What the REAL symbol of HATE is people walking across our borders and flaunting our laws while waving a Mexican flag. Build the wall! Build it high and deep!

Author — Tommy Capps


This woman, married or not should be striped of this citizenship and immediately deported. This is outrageous. I am outraged that these criminals can come out and boast about their criminal activity and nothing happens. How stupid are we?

Author — John Cameron


Tucker is such a savage! lol I love it!

Author — Andrew Rowzee


Ps..She should be ARRESTED... immediatally.

Author — Billie Johnson


I had no choice but to take some ones identification and commit a federal crime, then take a job that pays stupid pay away from an american. But it is what it is i guess.

Author — Crimson Hawk


The wall represents hate to the illegal immigrants entering this country. Later.... No one should enter this country illegally. WHAT!!!

Author — Beaver Boy 7


I locked my front door this evening and turned the porch light on. I must be the most hateful person in the entire world and probably a big meanie head.

Author — Literally Shitler


There is a legal process that allows people to come in to the USA already!

Author — Hector Bonilla


Why isn't she in federal prison for fraud or theft and stripped of her citizenship?



The wall is not a symbol. The wall is a structure. Structures have
clear-cut functions and symbols do not. To say that a wall is a symbol
is to say that money is charity or that money is greed. She obviously
doesn't know the boundary between the external world and her feelings.

Author — Michael Psyllakis


Throw her in prison, strip her of everything she stole from us and leave her at the border in a prison jumpsuit. I'm so sick of hearing this.

Author — Mickey J. Duke Sr.


I know what Trump would say.

"The wall just got ten feet higher."

Author — Elsario Delmarco


There is a pathway to citizenship. You apply and wait your turn.

Author — chippledon1