Black Angel (Dubchestral Single)

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New Instrumental Core's Dubchestral track - "Black Angel" is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all digital stores at CDBaby:

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💬 Comments

Anyone ever just let their imagination run wild listening to this epic music :)

Author — Thee Light Gaming


This song is freaking awesome!!!
It's like a dupstep/rock hybrid

Author — Wolf Epsilon


best fusion of rock dubstep and orchestrals ive ever seen!!! beautifully done indeed

Author — nsq


As others have said, these are an amazing, unique blend of orchestral & dubstep elements. I really love this one in particular though. Being a bit of a writer myself, this is very inspirational for my work.

Author — Zyl'Aaeria


That angelic voice at 4:00 never fails to make me shiver.. good god

Author — Khang Mai


2:02 and 4:10 are the absolute best moments! Freakin badass.

Author — dennis oxbøll


i want more dubchestral music it's the best genre ever existed

Author — BURSV


fack!! this guy is absolutly amazing!! Make some songs like these, please!! U're FANTASTIC!!

Author — Elismar Moraes


this, become a legend and sngels among demons are the best, please keep making similar epic songs.

Author — Galen Blake


This is epic as hell! This sound 3:07 always gets me! The whole song is so freaking epic, I can see myself killing some demons!

Author — Levente Osváth


To this day, still my favorite dubchestral of all time!

Author — Dhuradhan


I have been waiting so long for a track like this! ITS AWESOME!

Author — Therapyx


Everytime I'm hearing it makes me wanna fight against the world and gives me strength to go on and achieve my goals..Thank you bro!!!! Love your music <3

Author — Dude


One of the best of your work in my opinion. Keep it up!

Author — Zombrine500


Always worth checking out your work. Great job yet again! Just do what comes to you, no rush and I will patiently await your next piece :)

Author — Roku Buscus


I use music to write my stories. They do a lot to put me in the mood I need for different things going on in my stories. I tend to like just music without vocals, but some is alright as long as not a distraction. Thank you for sharing this with me.



This is one of my favourite tracks! Please continue making such awesome music!

Author — Trafficlight


This song gets better and better as it goes along...the orchestra, the angelic choir vocals, and the bass guitar...magnificent.

Author — Rissa Renee


This sounds really awesome, I love it!

Author — Claw


This track brings a whole new level of depth to the atmospheric engagement and 'feel / theme' to the gameplay.

Author — LevellutionOfGaming