Americans React to The Rudest & Most Vile Jokes 8 Out of 10 Cats!

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Welcome! We react to the most requested comedians that you all want to see! If you are a fan of laughing and having fun, then you stopped by the right place. Chill out, grab a drink and laugh alongside us!

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The greatest one wasn’t even in the video where Jimmy makes fun of Suzie looking into glory holes, lol. The entire panel laughed for a couple minutes.

Author — Brandon D


The late, great, Sean Lock.
He is known as the comedians, comedian, and is missed a lot.
Taken too early by cancer.

You should watch some more of his appearances on 8 out of 10, or his stand up routes on Live from the Apollo

Author — Kevin Cook


Wow, "The" truly encapsulates what makes British TV special. Cynical, nihilistic, and downright hilarious. 5 Stars. The Guardian.

Author — commander keen


You guys should watch The League of Gentlemen. Might be a bit too weird for American humour but it's one of the most addictive of British comedy shows ever once you get into it. Almost cult following these days. There's the original tv series which is probably the best place to start, there's a live show and even a movie. Deep and really funny in a very weird way.

Author — Amidared


We are so lucky in the UK to have the freedom to watch comedy of this calibre. 8OO10CDC is a masterpiece of television.

Author — StonyRC


Love this channel. Big up from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. Keep it up lads 🤘

Author — Tom Hunt


Miles Jupp is by definition a comedian, although he does a lot of comedy. For a number of years he hosted The News Quiz, on BBC Radio 4 (Where all the really good comedy starts from. It's cheaper to commission comedy shows on radio and see if they work before moving them to TV so many huge name shows started there). His wit is lightening fast though and he has done some shows on stage, that are just him talking and comedy but they're more just storytelling, than actual stand up.
One of my comedy legends though and the nicest guy you'll ever meet.
He is a genius deadpan comedian as he doesn't com across as deadpan, it appears to the just very polite posh guy.

Author — Hellsbunnies TV


@11:14 you guys even missed the epic comeback from Stephen: "I can only apologize".

Author — Roel Floor


these clips have been making me laugh for years. Great to watch people see them for the first time👍

Author — Cho


You also missed Sean Lock's challenging wank. Poor Rachel almost died laughing.

Author — Howard Smith


Other people have said it below but you have to look at more of Sean Lock 8/10 does Countdown - a lot of which makes most of this seem tame!! There is a particularly excruciating episode where Sean tells about his ideas involving Nazis which had the whole panel and studio crying and unable to speak cuz they're laughing so hard!

Author — NXNW


Class video boys, should react to some Sean Lock from 8 out of 10 cats, he was brilliant 👏

Author — storm


See how healthy things are when people are allowed to honest

Author — Uncensored Cruz


I’ve seen everyone of these clips multiple times and they still make me lose it

Author — Traveling man


The late great Sean lock talking about the time he won rear of the year, makes me cry 😂😭 happy and sad tears, I'd love to see a reaction to that 🤣🥺🤣

Author — DancingFrogs XB1


This missed a few classics.... Seans reaction to Rachels skiing outfit. Suzies Glory Hole. The whole Carrot In a Box saga.... If you guys want an instant win - Joe WIlkinson winning a potatoe throwing contest on Task Master - then getting disqualified. You WILL laugh....

Author — Da Mighty Shabba


Check out Cats do Countdown, Sean Locke - Carrot in a box (1 and 2) and Joe Wilkinson's poem. Some of the funniest things I've ever seen. Sean was the GOAT, RIP.

Author — Judith Doughty


Thanks guys. Cheered me up on a miserable day!!!!

Author — Leon Skum.


Hi, I’m loving your videos and was wondering if you could react to more Jimmy Carr (anything with him in, either his stand up, interviews or shows he’s been on/ hosts),

Author — Comedians, actors and all


Enri!!! Ya gotta stop with Rachel! I thought you were gay now you’ve over compensating!! 😂😂😂😂

Epic video, loved it

Author — robgweston