Larnell Lewis Hears 'Enter Sandman' For The First Time

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0:00 - Introduction
Remember the first time you heard "Enter Sandman" by Metallica?

Or maybe you've never heard the song at all.

It's one of the most popular metal tracks of all time, but those outside the metal or rock world might not recognize it.

The last time Larnell Lewis came out to Drumeo, we challenged him to write a drum part - on the spot - to a song he'd never heard before (click here to watch) and he blew everyone away.

This time, Larnell wanted to try a style he's not known for playing: metal!

If you want to see a fusion drummer try to play one of the most popular metal songs of all time, don't miss this video (you can skip to 9.33 if you just want to watch Larnell play).

01:08 - Active listening
When learning a song, he practices active listening, which includes looking for these things:

Song form: How many measures are in each section?
Tone: How does the song feel? Is it aggressive or calm?
Specifics: Any shots you should look out for?

Larnell takes an analytical approach and breaks down all the details, noticing patterns and themes and how the different instruments play off each other. Because of this, he can already hum the chorus' melody and drum part after only hearing the song once, and remembers most of the structure as well.

09:33 - Performance
While he's known for his great drumming skills, he also has excellent listening skills and a strong memory. Larnell knows what to prioritize when learning, so he's able to learn quickly. You can learn how to do it too!

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This is what happens when talent skips about 1 million people and then smashes itself into the soul of a dude who likes to bang on shit.
Good on him. Incredible stuff

Author — ACG


We are all united in drums, no matter what the genre

Author — Canadian Prepper


My favorite part of these videos are how all these world-class drummers are always so nervous and think they’re bombing/disrespecting the original song, and then they just nail it with a little of their own flavor every time. So much talent and experience, so fun to watch. Love these

Author — Daniel Diaz


The fact that he processes the song and is able to narrate what he's noticing with like 1 second delay is just purely fascinating. I cannot comprehend how all this happens so smoothly in his brain.

Author — TheCarmacon


Does anyone know how hard it is for the brain to "listen" to a song and pick it apart. Not a lot of people can do that. This man is truly an artist.

Author — HiIamColin


I wish the original drummer were asked to react to fellow drummers performing/improvising their part !

Author — Alex Hartpence


Larnell: "That half time will get ya"
Me, not a musician, never played drums in my life: "He's right that half time will get ya, people don't realize that."

Author — The Brothers Murph


I like when the featured drummer listens through the track without drums and then comes up with their own part way better!

Author — Captain Cripple


This truly blew my mind. The fact that his ear was so good and the ability to recreate very closely so quickly...musicians really amaze me. Loved the finale which usually fades out

Author — Genie_inabottle


Can’t believe Lars didn’t copystrike this. So glad he didn’t because this is amazing.

Author — Brian Hartman


His active listening portion is mesmerizing! He just gets it.

Author — M. B.


If you're a drummer of a genre other than jazz and are reading this comment: Book a lesson with a jazz drummer ever so often. It doesn't even have to be practising jazz - they're just going to have some skills and techniques that you don't that will assist you with your own genre. This man is an example of that.

Author — Amanda Jackson


I can’t believe he pretty much nailed it after hearing it once 😂
His fills were dope!!

Author — Stuart Cole


Walks in looking like an 8th grade history teacher, leaves an absolute legend 😆😆😆

Author — Manny Gonzalez


This man's facial expressions during the active listen are a treasure trove of great clips for GIFs. Great performance and musicianship

Author — Unc1eFun9i


As an amateur guitar player, I find this series fascinating and can’t stop smiling while watching.

Author — J Post


Love how his version was different but still very much in the spirit of the original. Lars would be proud!

Author — Rumi the Cherub


Not quite sure which is more unbelievable: His extraordinary talent OR the fact that he never heard of Enter Sandman.

Author — Olcayto Cengiz


I’m not a Metallica fan or have any interest in drumming, but just watching someone use his skills in this way is weirdly entertaining to watch. The crazy part is that watching him analyze and reflect on what he heard is actually more interesting to see than the actual drum session itself. Wish they did another video like this with him!

Author — Frank de Jong


Dude that was fantastic! This drummer went out of his comfort zone and did something different. Way to rock dude!

Author — No Talk Just Play