Invisible Maze or the Cat !! 3 Levels !!

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Invisible Maze or the Cat !! 3 Levels !! 5

We build an invisible maze of cling film for the cat. We construct not only the walls, but also the ceiling, so that the cat can’t be tempted to jump over. Three different mazes, 3 levels. With each level we make it harder. At the third level the cat will have a reward, some food on a plate in the middle of the maze. Will the cat reach his reward?

On the second channel, all useful information (tips, lessons, training, lifehacks)

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Your cat's pretty chill. Mine would either destroy the whole thing or lay around for a few hours and wouldn't acknowledge my existence without expressing annoyance for the rest of the day.

Author — Dakota Jones


Everytime your cat sees you it thinks "How's this human going to torment me today?"

Author — room-ten-oh-nine !


By the second attempt he has learned to trust his whiskers rather than his eyes. (Cat vision has its limits.) But in general I think you are training Pusic to better than normal levels of problem-solving ability. You may one day have a cat as smart as a Rook or Raven. Which you might regret.

Author — Matthew Spencer


Oh my God. He's following the left wall during the second maze. There's literally a strategy here. That is impressive.

Author — GregTom2


Store clerk: what's all the plastic wrap for
Guy: I'm making a maze for my cat to test his intelligence
Store clerk: ehh makes sense

Author — linda ann


У этого кота жизнь насыщенней чем у меня😄

Author — Maksim Ed


This cat dreads waking up everyday. He's going to need therapy after all these mindgames.

Author — My Own Private Idaho


Cat: My owner has way to much free time on his hands

Author — jan smith


Pusic is a smart cat. First round he knows what's the point to proceed when he can escape from the way he entered. But once blocked he knew he had to go forward~

Author — ILI CarrieDoll


Lv. 99: Uprising of cats. Hosts wrapped in polyethylene. Cats take over the world.

Author — Ярослав Спивак


My dad, who hates cats, every once in a while will send me videos like these with no context. I don't know why he does, and he won't answer me when I ask.

Author — Mystic Trash


Хозяева-затейники еще те. Это ж надо было так заморочиться

Author — Olha


You can see the cat thinking "God he's wasting my time again", then thinking "oh hell, I'll humour him anyway, it seems to keep him sweet"...

Author — cogidubnus1953


"What did you do today?"

Author — Randomnick123


It so cute when he sit and relaxing in the middle of the maze

Author — Ti ana


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Author — Nikita Play


Owner: Okay Pusic, find the exit.

Pusic: Goes back to start

Owner: No, this is not how you are supposed to play the game

Author — Danny Fairplay


My cat would’ve literally knocked the whole thing down and she’d think she won the maze.

Author — Skylar


Cat: there's got to be an easier way to get a meal than this sh*t!

Author — Larry Talbot


У них великолепное ориентирование на местности, чудесное обоняние и т п . Но и котик сообразительный и любит проделки хозяина😊

Author — Le runchik Le