The Most Expensive Things I Destroyed | Steve-O

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The Most Expensive Things I Destroyed | Steve-O 5

Most of this video is funny and fun, but the really crazy, expensive stuff at the end is more tragic and depressing than anything. I'm not proud of the stuff at the end at all, but it's a story that needs to be told...


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About Steve-O:
Hello! This is Stephen Glover aka Steve-O. You probably know me from my wild stunts, epic pranks, and hilarious skits. Welcome to my YouTube Channel! This is a space where I’ve decided to share what I’m up to! Whether it be continuing to prank my friends, traveling the world, and trying crazy things, I hope you’ll follow me on this journey! If you love skateboarding, comedy, and funny and epic stunts, subscribe to my channel and check out all my awesome videos! -Steve-O

The Most Expensive Things I Destroyed | Steve-O


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Steveo: “I got wasted and built a skate park in my apartment”

Also Steveo: *calmly feeding hay to a goat

Author — Pingasatchi


"Steve-O is one helluva drug."

Author — Another Chad


You would think he's lying about all the shit he's done but he has video proof for everything.

Author — ghbutler


imagine trying to sleep and the upstairs neighbors start skating

Author — Osama Monkey


I feel like im in an Alternate universe where steve-o is alive and theres a more realistic universe where he died like 15 years ago.

Author — Daniel Hartlauer


Owner: "If you get cold start a fire"
Steve-o: "Say no more."

Author — Boris Erdogan


Steveos drug addiction got so bad at one point that even his drug dealer was concerned

Author — Cosmic FN


"i remember i was lighting cigarettes off the orange tube. didnt think anything of it"

Author — Salt Miner


Steveo is doing all this crazy shit and then it cuts back to him now and he’s just chillin feeding his goat😂🤣

Author — Bishop Manley


Steve-o: Smashes everything he touches in hotel rooms, burns 3 cabins, smashes and tears an entire van to pieces
Me: *scared to tell the hotel cleaners I spilt water on the carpet*

Author — FleeBiss


7:20 you know they were "that bad" when you qualify Johnny knoxville as a "responsible adult" XD

Author — MaxUniverse


Steveo is like that cool uncle that would tell stories from war

Author — skmeii


Man Steve-O has like 90% of his life on film lmao.

EDIT: Never thought i'd get this many likes, thanks fellow YouTubers!

Author — Jacob Webster


Imagine Steve-o’s neighbors during his first apartment.

I bet they loved him.

Author — I’m From Iowa


I never even skated that park, I was in the other apartment doing drugs.

Author — K


Its funny how hes just casually feeding and petting a goat throughout the video

Author — KRMM


the title of this video should be: “two goats in a room”

Author — shahirxo


"The whole pipe was glowing red but we didnt think anything of it, i was lighting cigerrettes off of it" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @10:00

Author — Good News Channel 7


It shows that genetics have a big part to play. He looks younger than most people his age.

Author — Johnny1Reggae


They should make that apartment in a thps dlc pack.

Author — Soniphex