The Disunited States: Is the Trump presidency causing irreparable damage to America?

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The Disunited States: Is the Trump presidency causing irreparable damage to America? 4

America has never seen anything like this. Time and again, Donald Trump has attacked the very fabric of US democracy. He has called the press ‘the enemy of the American people’. He says that claims that Russia interfered in the US election are a hoax. And that the FBI - currently investigating his campaign - should be personally loyal to the president.

And it’s not just political institutions Trump is damaging, his opponents say: in America he has stoked racial tension, coddled Wall Street and given succour to the gun lobby. On the world stage, he’s alienated key allies, slapped $50 billion in tariffs on China that may spark off a trade war, and appointed the hawkish John Bolton, who has advocated regime change in Iran and North Korea, as national security adviser.

If Trump is a new kind of threat, the big question is whether the damage he is doing to America will be permanent. Will the country that survived two world wars, the Cold War and the attacks of 9/11 really be put off its stride by a reality show host who could be gone in less than three years’ time? Or is Trump dismantling the robust system that has kept America united and irreparably damaging its standing as the most powerful nation on earth?

But perhaps this is all liberal hand-wringing. Could Trump, in fact, be that rarest of things - a politician who delivers on his promises - and prove to be the reformer the American electorate voted for?

To examine the political health and standing of the United States at this crucial moment, Intelligence Squared brought together Ronan Farrow, former US government adviser and journalist, who has just been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for breaking the Harvey Weinstein scandal; Mark Lilla, the American political scientist who hit the headlines last year with an article arguing that it is the left’s preoccupation with identity politics that opened the door to Trump’s victory; Lionel Shriver, award-winning novelist and commentator; and Brian Klaas, an expert on authoritarianism who claims that with every autocratic tweet Trump is edging America away from its democratic norms.

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Ronan Fairow blew these clowns away. He's the man!

Author — Trent Dirks


How different might this discussion be if held a month later when Khashoggi is murdered by the Saudi's. Another oligarch family in control of a government.

Author — Allan Johnson


Enjoyed every single speaker. POWERFUL insights!

Author — Aimee Worlds


Ronan Farrow is articulate, composed, well read and pretty much would have to be the most gorgeous human on earth!!!

Author — Robynne Dunlop


"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities"
In this post truth era of whatever someone disagrees with being "fake news" and people saying things like "truth isn't truth" and "alternative facts" and "Don't believe what you are reading and seeing, stick with us" along with denying things that are *on* *tape*, I honestly blame social media.
Society wasn't ready to open this box and it turns out social media's box belonged to Pandora....

Author — Stressed dessertS


The woman is in my esteemed estimation
a intellectual idiot. The demonization of the North Korean leader as SOMEONE (in her estimation) labeled as
who would RENEGE on any agreement. This is EXACTLY an accurate description of Trump !

Author — james morett


Dear Ronan, please continue to use your gifts and social contact to help the helpless. We are ALL proud of you!🕯🤗☕

Author — Green Orchid


Mia Farrow's son has got to be Frank Sinatra's not that goofy writer.

Author — Greg1 McIntosh


I think one of the definitions for insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results . The systems we have doesn't

Author — BOSCO


Ronan is a brilliant journalist who has integrity. He's nice to look at and looks nothing like Woody Allen, all i see is Frank!

Author — PoochMount18


There will always Hope. We all don’t have to agree with one another but we can love and respect each other! ❤️

Author — Sup Dude


I am not American, but I think US govt should focus to assist the US Middle class and the less fortunate. The middle class can help the US to improve economically. Middle Class is the foundation of any nation.

Author — H Jaffri


Intelligent public asking intelligent questions at this meeting. I do not give up hope.

Author — Peter Graham


The perspective should be that a countervailing power in U S Government should immediately remove all the abusive assets in Trumps administration. Lock them up at every turn. Prosecute them yesterday. Show no mercy. A week in Rikers island is convincing.

Author — Cliff Chase


yao very important discussion but ronan is gorgeous 😃

Author — Larry Hardy


I think that as you criticized the media you have to take in to consideration that we are so outraged about what is happening with the hostile takeover of our democracy. And this woman says Democrats should do something for once, I wonder what she thinks the fight over the ACA has been about. The Republicans have been cowards in standing up for the American people so they can make more money for the rich.

Author — Toolbox for the Soul


Ronan: please consider running for President. Linked to the unions?

Author — Suzanne Lowrie


At least Lilla said he realised he didn’t know his country as he thought and that he had some work to do.

Author — Fainites Barley


Yeah once again it seems when they get these panels together it's always one side leaning. I consider myself neutral in any party system so this does nothing for the progression of the betterment of our country

Author — Brent Travis


The warning voices aren't relenting. I'm glad that the perverse situation is remaining right in our faces lest we grow completely numb.
Fortunately just enough voters got off our damned couches and stated, via VOTE, that we are not amused by the mischief of Cadet B.S. and the gop. If said gop can't get a set of balls come 2020 they can all go home and stay home. Unemployed via VOTERS.

Author — Donna Vorce