Grand Theft Auto 5 - All Endings (A, B, and C)

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All three Grand Theft Auto 5 endings, you decide which is the best.

Ending A - Something Sensible 00:12
Ending B - The Time's Come 05:37
Ending C - The Third Way 11:12

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All endings are bad for Trevor
A: Trevor dies
B: Trevors best friend dies
C: Trevor has to walk all the way back to his car

Author — Exenting


You forget 1000 things every day, make sure A and B are one of em

Author — Ross Banks


Ending A: Real men cried
Ending B: Everybody cried
Ending C: Truly puts a smile on my face

Author — Bean Supreme


Ending A: You just wasted the best character
Ending B: You're heartless
Ending C: The hardest and longest but still the best

Author — chese official


Rockstar did absolutely incredible with the wording in Trevor's ending. The fact that instead of "Kill Trevor" it says "Put down Trevor" definitely says a lot more about Trevor's character and the torment he's been through

Author — avahxnley


By selecting the C option, Franklin, Trevor and Michael's friendship will be forever and that's what we call that a happy ending



I chose C for the first time. It made me sad because I thought Franklin was gonna die but at least he wasn’t betraying his friends. But the ending really put a tear on my face.

Author — Jungle Boys HD


"You always did like gasoline" has to be the coldest line in this entire game.

Author — Adri


Something about Trevor's death feels so cruel despite him being a homicidal cannibal. The tortured, mentally sick man who was abandoned and betrayed by everyone he loves finally forms a friendship with a man who he thought he could trust, only to be betrayed by him as well. Loyalty is everything to a man like Trevor and he's killed by 2 men he thought were loyal to him.
It's Due in no small part to the exceptional voice acting of Steven Ogg. The slurred crying out from 2:32 onward is utterly brilliant

Author — AGC


Ending A: You're now either crying or hate yourself
Ending B: You're now either crying or hate yourself
Ending C: You're now either proud of yourself or wondering what the other endings are like

Author — Kirbo


It would be cool if ending A and B had alternatives, like if you had second thoughts you could choose not to kill them and it would just bring you back to Ending C, both Micheal and Trevor both talk about how they trust him and I'm sure if Franklin said he's not gonna go through with it they could go back to planning on taking everyone else out.

Author — RaPid Chewy


Man I just played through the game like the sixth time, and wanted something new, so I chose to kill Michael and right from the start I felt so bad, like seriously bad. So after it happened and I went back to the house, I just quit the fucking game, started everything over again and chose the only right ending, where Haines, Stretch and Cheng get wasted. Now I sit there with billions of Dollars in the account and get wasted with Michael all day long and I can finally stop playing again lol

Author — Aktien mit Kopf


I literally just finished the game for the first time today. I’m so happy that I picked C (I almost chose A cus I thought Franklin would die if I chose C)

Author — Brrrrr


The option C is the best and the most reasonable I think. They made a plenty of scores together. This is the best ending. Franklin couldn't kill neither Michael, nor Trevor.

Author — Viktor Karamuskó


Ending A: you’re heartless

Ending B: you’re heartless and selfish

Ending C: you’re a hero

Author — Robokilla


i found b especially sad because michael reminds me so much of my dad. he sounds and looks exactly like him. (apparently by what i’ve heard michael is actually a narcissist but lets ignore that lol.) when it showed michael’s corpse, i just broke down. he was my favorite character and like i said he reminded me so much of my dad. he also was told that his daughter was in college and it made it so much more sad.

Author — presidenthogan


I was truly blessed to get the Ending C when i did my playthrough, didn't even know you can get A or B

Author — adimin mc


Feel so bad that when I first played this, I assumed we had to choose one character to die no matter what.

I thought 'death wish' meant Franklin would sacifice himself so the other two wouldn't die (seen as you make the game ending choice as him after all).

Chose Trevor in the end thinking the others have too much to live for.

Can't believe I missed out on what is clearly the best (and arguably canon) ending in option C.

So I had to replay GTA V just so I could get the actual game ending.

Author — I Need More Flavour


These series of games taught us all aspects of life.

Author — Fuzzy Nuttz


A. Is emotional, but understandable
B. Is Heart breaking
C. Is satisfying

Author — Radical