EFAP #146 - A complete breakdown of Loki with Shadiversity, Nerdrotic, Az and Critical Drinker

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0:00 - Awake, cancelled after one season
- He-Man Reboot/ Sylvie's stolen name
4:56 - Rick and Morty new season
8:57 - Guest Intro /Media pain

17:59 - How the MCU really began
- The Multiversal war, amazing worldbuilding
27:15 - Weaponization/ The writer's experience
- 'Remember X?'
39:13 - Kang in the comics
46:44 - >Critical Drinker Arrives
- The first episode/ Loki competence

57:10 - Power of Reset Charges/ Rules of Time Travel
1:07:02 - Kang planned it all, everything
1:13:18 - TVA competence
- Character assassination of Loki & Black Widow

1:24:29 - Variant trials
- Branching timelines, power of love
1:31:52 - 'Hiding in apocalypses'/ Variant Kangs
- TVA tech
1:46:31 - Effect of seeing your future
- How Loki's story ended
1:55:27 - Future Big Bads

1:58:52 - Loki's inconsistent power
- Time travel rules/ Variant pruning
2:07:52 - Best part of the show, 'Richard E. Grant'
- More Loki character assassination/ Wasted time
2:18:28 - TVA misusing it's weapons
- glorious porpoise

2:25:17 - The choice at the end of Loki
- Changed TVA/ Kang's actor
2:39:32 - Breaking the stakes, soon to be forgotten
- Hiding bad writing

2:57:19 - The Writers & Directors
- New priorities/ New shows
3:10:28 - >Kevin Smith's livestream/ He-Man
- What might cause change?
3:21:33 - Marvel & superhero fatigue
- Superhero as a genre
3:34:40 - >Shadiversity Leaves

3:38:40 - Video Starts/ 'Loki is Exactly what marvel needed'
- 'I wish there was more of it'
3:47:42 - 'Downsized version of what we get on the movies'
- Stakes: 'Incredibly huge & Personal'
3:57:07 - Different reactions, 'finale felt earned'
- Not saying anything
3:57:07 - 'Mobius' actor did his job' [wow]

4:21:05 - Judged by what it sets up
4:27:14 - >'Jonathan Majors got me more excited than anything they did with Thanos'
- What Kang could've been

4:51:53 - 'This is what marvel needed'
- What there is to look forward
4:58:40 - >Critical Drinker leaves
- 'MCU needed a concrete direction'[...] 'and this is it'
5:08:17 - Sponsor segment: 'He used the Ad to facilitate more Ads'
/ Video Ends

5:20:04 - Youtuber playing a characters/ GoT's Fall
5:27:57 -> HeelvsBabyface & Nerdrotic Leave/ Thoughts on Activision Blizzard

5:32:02 - Superchats Start
[Superchat timestamps will be in the reply to this comment (when finished)]

10:50:28 - End of Stream Announcements
- Fringy's video Monday[Today!]
- Wednesday Superchat catchup stream
- Saturday EFAP

Author — Headmetwall


So Kang didn't want Falcon to get a loan.

I just find that so hilarious.

Author — Logosis


Magic doesn't work in the TVA but Loki stays in his asgardian form and never reverts to his frost giant form

Author — Dorian Shepard


they turned the intelligent, strong, god of mischief into a doormat. how do these writers even get hired? how did anyone think this was a good idea? how are half the fans ok with this?

Author — jeydalibrary


Doctor Strange must have got so pissed watching all but one of those ways to beat Thanos just ending with the TVA showing up...

Author — General Quinobi


This show’s Loki is the literal definition of
*“When you fight against a Boss vs When you play as a Boss”*

Author — Fr0Ck


1:50:29 That's right! Back in _Age of Ultron, _ Thor had brought a flask of Asgardian booze to the party at Avenger's Tower, and when Stan Lee's cameo character told him to share, Thor explicitly stated that this liquor "was not made for mortal men"; it's played off as a gag where Stan's character brushes it off saying "Neither was Omaha Beach, now pass it over!" only for the scene to cut to him being dragged off while slurring "Excelsior...!", but if Asgardian booze really *is* that potent, then Loki *shouldn't* have gotten drunk from whatever that airline was offering!

Author — Zakanuva's Corner


We can fix Loki. After the Hulk pummeled him back and forth he was in a coma and dreamed all of this crap. He wakes up in his cell in Asgard where he's at for the whole of Thor 2 and says "Damn, that was a weird dream."

Author — Joshua Walker


“There *exists* a monster outside of time and space that can consume time and space”

They really wanted to be their cake and eat it too, huh

Author — Aaron Mueller


Winter Soldier: It was Hydra all along... The Avengers: It was Thanos all along...
Wandavision: It was Agatha all along...
Black Widow: It was Dreykov's Widows all along...
Loki: It was the TVA--err--Space Lizards--err--Kang all along... *STAAAHP IT!*

Author — Indigo Gaming


1:45:00 I compared the accelerated character development of Loki to something like a Christmas Carol. Scrooge couldn’t be shown Christmas future and gotten the character development he needed to change it took having to relive his past and the world around him first to grasp the future. You can’t just show someone the future and expect them to have a sudden character development on the spot.

Author — Balrog of Udûn


“This is a show about Space Lizards intended for children. That being said, I think this show is God damn incredible.” - Patrick (H) Willems

Author — Charmandy Orton


I think the reason they hire small writers is because they can control them and make them write what they want. And the small writers would be greatful

Author — OpTimus


So here's what I wonder...why _didn't_ Loki take back infinity stones when doing the break-in? They don't work _in_ the TVA sure, but they definitely work _outside_ of it. Just take a time and space stone, leave the TVA, and now they can never catch you. We know that the TVA personnel _are_ effected by magic and such outside of the TVA, because mind control and all that. Honestly I don't know why I'm asking questions the whole show is a mess.

Author — Cellidor


In the spirit of Jake Skywalker, I suggest we start calling the new Loki, "Joki".

Author — Spectral_Force


As someone who was adopted, I grant all participants and viewers of this stream an A-word pass.

Author — ChrisNemo


That nut kicking part is burned into my head forever. Another day another assassination.

Author — Sean Arsenault


I would've preferred a show about the adventures (with subtitles) of Gator Loki and Frog Thor.

Author — jcsakisat


Kang wanted EFAP crew to make this critique on the show

Author — Yasha of the flames


Loki is capable of discussing questions about the multiverse like Twilight is capable of discussing abortion.

Author — GibberMuzagi