Casper police video shows high-speed chase, shooting

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Casper police video shows high-speed chase, shooting 4

William T. McCollum led Casper police officers and Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers on a series of chases on July 10, 2018, with speeds exceeding 100 mph. He was shot and killed outside a CY Avenue gas station after police say he drew a gun and pointed it at the officer.

The fatal encounter begins at approximately 8:20 into the video.

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They have since changed the name of “Loaf n’ Jug”
“Plug a Thug”

Author — D Gaven


Evades the cops 3 times, then stops for coffee, gets shot and killed. Yep, they say criminals are very dumb and this just proved it.

Author — Dixie Normous


That cop knows how to fire a handgun. Almost no movement with each shot. Well trained and good trigger control. That's what saved his life.

Author — BurtonSKnowles


Man what is this cop drivin??? A Prius???

Author — papabear1961


This dashcam lets me know police have already been defunded look like 1980s footage

Author — Justin Thompson


No wonder he wanted to die. He was making a payment on a Nissan.

Author — Digital Sharecropper


I legit used to live in that ghetto trailer park and they passed my house and woke me up that morning lmao

Author — Itz Killer


What the bell was that officer driving a dump truck

Author — Derek Matthew


Is that cop driving the Fred Flintstone rockmobile?

Author — Diego Palomino


The Cop with the cameras might want to get rid of the Solar powered minivan that couldn't keep up with a Moped.

Author — Ozarks Farmer Hansen


Double-plus bravo on the cessation of a potentially deadly car chase; “Do we have a victim?” No? Then let’s not generate one. 👍 well done, how it should always be done. As for the shooting, excellent reaction and control by the officer. It was a demonstration of appropriate law enforcement and the use of force. No victim - no dangerous car chase; suspect initiates deadly force, officers reacts appropriately. Bravo!

Author — Robert Rishel


Wow, hits home literally. My grandfather lived a couple houses down from this, and my aunt and uncle are a block or so over on Laramie Ave.

Author — Derek Schott


Chase: 0/100
Shooting Accuracy/Reaction-time: 100/100

Author — OttomanPower1453


Thank you all officers with integrity, your service is appreciated!!!!

Author — Michael Dailey


He saved 'em the cost of a lengthy and expensive trial.

Author — Martha Vaughan


Definitely wyoming. Look how empty the streets are. In so cal they could have had lunch and come back and the guy wouldn’t have moved 50’

Author — A T


Can we all pool some money together and get this cop a non-electric vehicle? Yikes.

Author — Russ Queen


I've seen this, I've experienced this. Been there. I retired 4 years ago after 25 years of service. I didn't realize it at the time but, I did some crazy shit.

Author — Scott Leppard


Shout out to the Casper PD and the county and state units involved in this event. Awesome job folks ... stay safe out there.

Author — Tom Bohon


Man when you get away, you're sposed to park ya car lol

Author — SteelCityBL!ZT