World's Biggest RC Car Extreme Driving

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This is my fun channel, you'll find everything hobby related, rc cars, monster trucks, supercars, destruction and a bit of business stuff :) Most videos are RC Cars, business, Amazon FBA, eBay, Monster truck, Cars, insurance, cryptocurrency and other topics.


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I have watched your videos religiously for a couple of years now and just don't get tired of them. Every video is exciting, and you show us the ups and downs of every rc and products for them. Keep it up Kev, we all appreciate you!

Author — @giju6600


Omfg I love that thing! 😂 Your videos never disappoint, Kevin. That’s why we love you! Don’t ever stop, you help make WAY too many of us happy every day! And the heck with a like button, we need a love button! 😍

Author — @user-hg9sj9wz5v


Hey Kev, I'm glad to see you running the Raminator like this!! Not everyone may agree with bashing a collectors item like that but as you have said many times. Do what puts the biggest smile on your face 💯and I can tell from these shots you had a blast and that's what it's all about!!! Thanks for being an Inspiration and Awesome Creator!!

Author — @daltonvires3760


Enthusiasm and total fun with positivity. Why we love Kev. Keep it going dude.

Author — @lucaswilliams1011


Just a heads up, that “green” Loctite, Loctite 270, is for wicking applications. It is intended to be applied AFTER the bolts are tightened. You might want to try the “red” stuff, Loctite 263, when you want high strength and are applying before screwing in the threads. Also, in case people don’t know. There are lots of Loctite in the same color. Not all “green” or “red” is the same stuff.

Author — @paulmorrow8372


Kev - takes it to skate park 🤩
Kev - “You’re not going to believe how many parts I broke!” 🧐
Audience - “Yes. Yes we would Kev.” 😂
Kev’s Wallet - 😱

Definitely the coolest RC car in the world and there won’t be many bashed in a skate park!

Author — @f19ash


Kev: DON'T land on full power.
Also Kev: lands on power 3 more times before killing it again.

Author — @OBS4ever16


Oh my days! I never thought I would see Kev care about an RC car. 😂

Author — @mattus1gig


New to the channel, but I already love your content! Thanks Kevin, you've taught me a lot.

Author — @ovechkin0831


You’re the man Kevin! Just got into the rc world.. crawling.. but all your videos are so sick! Thanks man!

Author — @natemc2296


Kev to fix the loose throttle cable you need to adjust the screw at the end of the cable going into the carb. It screws into the bracket. You adjust it out to take up the slack and then tighten the nut down to keep the screw from coming loose.

Author — @Berm_Blaster


I love how you absolutely go for it with the RC cars, they're very expensive and you just have loads of fun with them. 😂

Author — @carlstevens4981


Imagine signing up for a real monster truck show when they call you out you bring out the rc 😂

Author — @foxtomian


Hey Kev, if you had to guess how much do you think you've spent on the rc hobby? I noticed 4 raminators at $2k-$5k usd estimated a piece. Just curious

Author — @connorclark8541


Absolutely loved it! Thank you very much for taking one for the team so we could finally see a raminator get a full send!

Author — @wrx13sk


Have you looked into having the diffs modified for a bigger diff cups same with the transmission center drive. Harder parts are only part of the solution it needs the parts to be physically bigger to handle the power. Looking at where they brake there's room to redesign for a bigger shafts where they pass through the diff housing. Keep up the great content 👍

Author — @chevyfan82


i like when its far away and you can fully hear how loud it really is. when it gets close, the camera mic auto-limits the audio so you dont get the scale of the sound

Author — @jackivan7632


The RC10 GT (the black original chasis) was my first nitro car I got way back in the late 90s. Loved racing that thing, the throttle hung on it and it rapidly self disassembled itself.

Author — @H3110NU


Wow been very ill for the last 3 years. I can’t believe I missed so much Kev. You have your monster truck done. Last I watched your changing location and we’re going to start finishing your build on that red beast. Awesome and great work 👍 Cheers from Oregon 🇺🇸



That rc truck is about triple the cost of my current daily driver and Kev bashes the hell out of it. Awesome video as per the usual

Author — @bensprink9943