Delta Strengthening Rapidly in the Northwestern Caribbean

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Dr. Levi Cowan creates videos and blogs pertaining to tropical cyclones, primarily hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Posts occasionally concern other, non-tropical weather events around the world. Levi has a Ph.D. in meteorology from Florida State University.

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Can I just point out how freaking amazing it is to just look at the earth from a satellite for free just about whenever we want?

It's ridiculous.

Author — Broadica


I get my info from you. THEN I check what local weather authorities are saying. That’s how I know you’re the best. Keep up the great work sir. Thank you.

Author — Ace on Wheels


IMO you're one of the best in the business. Thanks for keeping everyone updated.

Author — josh w


Thanks Levi. I live in Lafayette so getting a little nervous ... hoping this thing just dissipates some kind of way.

Author — Cynthia


11:20 "for those of you watching this trend toward the west with anxiety" **repeatedly draws arrows into Texas**

Author — dayngeros


I have been waiting for this video! Thank you Dr, Levi!!

Author — seeking rainbows


Thank you for these videos. And thank you for making the images on your website easy to put on display in our NOC. Tracking these storms is very important to us.

Author — Spooty


Much thanks Levi for the detailed update! Get ready guys! 🙏💕

Author — Barbara Duffell


Great work Levi! 🙏✌️👍 Thank you!
“Burstiness”?? 😃

Author — gomers44


Thank’s for the update! Looks like it’s heading right for me in Mandeville, la.

Author — Michael Mcmurray


i appreciate your point of view and objective presentation of the details.

Author — Benjamin Reifenberg


Patiently waiting for the next update here in New Orleans!! Levi you are my number 1 stop when it comes to this information. #LetsgoLevi #Pray4NOLA

Author — Cassy Dee


We may be singing the Delta blues! When the levee breaks, mama you got to move!

Author — Gregory Leblanc


Thank you once again Levi! We start packing tomorrow! Abbeville, La

Author — MikelJohn


Would love if you could do these analysis’ for the 2020-21 Australian cyclone season!

Author — Lynuxfly


Thank you Levi, for yesterday going into how this lingering cold front will effect Delta in the days ahead. I'm puzzled today by the NOAA guidance post Thursday (obviously that's a long ways out to try to predict). The storm is currently moving 8mph. I understand the slowdown into Thursday as the steering flows work to turn the storm. I don't see, from anything you showed, what would cause the storm to speed up so fast after the turn that it would make such a quick landfall afterwards. I would think a strong storm with such a small center of circulation would be more resistant to both the quick speedup and the loss of intensity the current forecast is showing.

I can only assume tomorrow's forecast will look very similar to todays, then Wednesday will be when we will/could see major changes depending on whether or not the storm shoots the channel or makes landfall in Mexico first.

Author — Rob Hill


Thank you doctor levy, I was waiting for your updates. May the lord keep every single person safe on the path of this hurricane. God bless you all. Thank you Levi you are so MILAGROS MOGRO FROM FL.

Author — Milagros Mogro


I like it when she lets me run it straight the pipe

Author — Joseph D


Me watching from Cancun, hoping the trajectory chanes a bit more and weakens.
Not happening I guess.

Author — Danny C


Hi there, can you show the ouline of the Cayman Islands on your maps? Thanks very much.

Author — Goldbourne Mascal