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Lebanon and Hezbollah | DW Documentary 4
In Lebanon, Hezbollah now controls broad areas of political and social life. It has become a state within a state. How can the "Party of God" be confronted?

In Lebanon, no important political decisions are taken any more without Hezbollah, the Shiite "party of God". Since the end of the civil war in 1990, multi-ethnic and multi-religious Lebanon has been exposed to growing political divisions. Supported and financed by Iran, Hezbollah now threatens to destabilize the country and the region. As a political party, Hezbollah holds two cabinet positions in the government. The Sunni Prime Minister Saad Hariri is dependent on the goodwill of Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s Secretary General − not least because Hezbollah’s militia is far stronger than the Lebanese army. In his impressive speeches, Nasrallah threatens not only Israel, but also the US. Israel sees Hezbollah as the extended arm of its arch enemy Iran. A renewed war between Hezbollah and Israel would raze Lebanon to the ground and also cause considerable damage in Israel. Tensions between the US and Iran increase the risk of conflict. This film shows how Hezbollah has skillfully increased its power in recent years and developed into a state within a state. But there is growing resistance. Civil society forces are trying to overcome religious conflicts and use democratic means to break new ground.

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Rafic Hariri was assassinated in 2005, not 2015 like mentioned at 28:10

Author — Joel


Gemayel is supposed to tell about Lebanon and Justice? His Uncle and Father murdered alot of unarmed people during the Civil War, and they cooperated with Israel the Phalangists.

Author — M B


At the end of the day it's the ordinary person who suffers

Author — Tushy Ranx


I'm educated man from lebanon I don't belong to any party.. I just want my money back from the Lebanese banks

Author — fadi bader


Hizbullah is the only entity that has the best interests of the region against all the aggressors and their creations (ISIS).

No UN or anyone else is stood against the invasion of Israel, no one helped Palestinians, Syrias or Iraqis when ISIS were killing Yazidis, Sunnis, Kurds and Shias, thats right only Iran and Hizbullah did.
Right now all the world is quiet when people in Libya, Bahrain and Yemen are being killed by the Saudi's, whose helping then, whose standing up to the injustice? that's right ONLY HIZBULLAH.

This documentary clearly has been funded by the very powers that dont want any one standing up to their injustice and in destabilising the whole region, instead they want to see blood thirsty Humanity killers like ISIS and their makers (Saudi's, US, and Israel) take full control of the region.

Author — Mr Hakim


Iran finances them, saudi arabia finances madrazas in Pakistan with the same proposes, and we could keep finding examples from other countries involved. There are no saints..
If you are going to talk about who pays who..let's talk about ALL of them.

Author — Andrea Melado


Before I start watching it, can someone tell me: is it objective reporting or a one-sided narrative to manipulate public opinion as often the case with government funded broadcasting?

Author — Diss & Dad


Yet the Saudi's kidnap the prime minister of Lebanon have isreal made this programme or had creative control

Author — Jamie Thompson


Iran is right to support those militia groups coz they will help him ifAmerican s attack iran

Author — Wilberforce Mbabazi


I thought that this program would be impartial but I see how it goes.

Author — Osiris Andrade


Europes Future when they continue importing muslims

Author — asdfg yxcv


I thought I was watching BBC SKY or an American chanel

Author — Adil Shah


God doesn't need any bloodshed.... You can't kill any human kind in name of God...

Author — Motorhead Banger


Divide and conquer!! .... Since forever, the divided will never get how easy they're making it for their conqueror.

Author — japp rivera


People frequently use God to justify their own ends. They rarely seek to know what God thinks.

Author — Peter pensive


So ultimate goal is keep middle east divided. Control them grab oils sell arms win elections in respective countries

Author — mr X


DW didn’t even get popular before selling out!!! 😆

Author — tdot22


DW is leftist PC sjw don’t know how to do journalism fact finding show

Author — SS AA


If not for hizbullah
Lebanon would be like Gaza
And a puppet government bending over for Israel

Author — Art Ullha


maybe after syrian war hezbollah militia are more experienced than regular lebanese armed force

Author — Miftakhul Tafri