Does the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe give you MORE for the MONEY?

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THE ALL NEW Hyundai Santa is totally redesigned and ready to take on the competition! Under the hood is a 2.0l turbocharged in-line 4 pumping out 235 HP. On the inside there is a fresh new style with all the amenities you can think of. Does the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe provide one of the best values in the market?
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Lol, the girl trying to get out of the background of your vid

Author — akaCisco


Bottom line is they are giving you a lot of car and reliability for the money!!

Author — like it is


Moses I have been in car business for last 30 years, never thought Hyundai can improve this much, will recommend it

Author — Mosen Ganjriz


You’re gaining well deserved subs very quickly! Please keep making quality videos

Author — Pickle 5000


Hyundai hit it straight out of the park with the new Santa Fe. Beats the Ford Edge and new Chevy Blazer on price, content and features. 💯

Author — Ben Kurth


My wife and I were actually looking at these, they seem nice. Was funny seeing you there the other day. Lol

Author — Steven J.


First time I see your videos, great reviews! You should host CarGurus, you do a great job! Also, I love my Santa Fe :)

Author — Juan Carlos Sandoval


Hyundai is doing very great well done Hyundai!!👍

Author — Dheeradj Lachman


The hard plastic on the back of the front seats is actually nice if you have kids that kick them alot... can’t feel a thing and it’s easy to clean!

Author — Chris Cloud


Three months in to my new 2019 FWD 2.4 and love it. I average about 30 mpg in mixed city/hwy driving. Plenty of power and room. Rides well.

Author — pilot guy


37 is my favorite # Joe and you were on that Sub amount for what 2/3 days! You are on 🔥❤️🔥.
It seems like you are over the hump so to speak and now it really is “Skys the limit” . This could not have happened without your tireless hard work and fantastic content. All of this success could not have happened to a nicer guy. Don’t ever change even when your into the six figures in Subs! I’m looking forward to that special twin turbo 4 Door Beast that’s coming up. Ridin’ with the Raiti. 👊

Author — Philip Rosenthale


Drive Baileys Bluff Rd to trouble creek if you do a review in NPR again. Great road with twisties.

Author — Matthew Mettler


Perfect review Raiti's Ride team! As always...Thank you.

Author — Rene Bueno


Like the new look, that front looks kind like a smaller Palisade, interior looks way better. Great better Joe

Author — Kensei's Garage


Very nice review 👍🍺
-from the Philippines.

Author — se7en 05


Great review Joe! Lots of features for the $$.

Author — Terry Smith


My 1st SUV choice would definitely be the Chevy Blazer RS, but for $10K less my 2nd choice I think would have to be the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport!! Very nice exterior styling & for $35K what more could you ask for?

Author — Greg Holman


I chuckled at the sliding seat could be used for Tom's workout.

Maybe a great idea for the next gen

In car rowing machine

Author — Lin Chester


Nice review Raiti! If you get the fully loaded model, it comes with heated wheel and ventilated seats as well. Fantastic SUV. I love the "goldielocks" size!

Author — John Holst


I just bought a Santa Fe yesterday with navigation, ventilated seats and heads up display. You are not testing the top model. This is a great car.

Author — Keith Steck