Does the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe give you MORE for the MONEY?

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

THE ALL NEW Hyundai Santa is totally redesigned and ready to take on the competition! Under the hood is a 2.0l turbocharged in-line 4 pumping out 235 HP. On the inside there is a fresh new style with all the amenities you can think of. Does the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe provide one of the best values in the market?
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Your reviews are top notch. Very informative and detailed. If I could suggest anything, it would be to take your cars on the highway as well and let us know about cabin/wind and road noise especially with many brands offering these larger tires. Maybe even a db meter. Of course that is just my opinion because I am a highway driver and that is what I am always wondering.

Author — Hockey Nutt


I like all the generations of Santa Fe but for this all new Santa Fe they should have designed the driver seat controls to work even if the vehicle is moving. I like to adjust my seat once in a while during a long drive. Also I like more the 2nd row cup holder of the 3rd generation Santa Fe. Looking forward to owning one hopefully Hyundai will do some of the improvement after 2 yrs.

Author — Striker AT


My 1st SUV choice would definitely be the Chevy Blazer RS, but for $10K less my 2nd choice I think would have to be the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport!! Very nice exterior styling & for $35K what more could you ask for?

Author — Greg Holman


The headliner issue is likely due to the fact that the seat is too high ... which is adjustable down of course as power seats.

Author — J A


They are great cars. I’ve had three . Currently have the Ultimate. All the bells and whistles! Love my full size sun roof ! Love my heated seats and steering wheel. it’s smooth, quiet, and very economical. The turbo very powerful in passing vehicles and getting out of the way .The warranty is a no brainer.. I am not a car dealer or salesperson. I have no interest in Hyundai. Go test. Drive one . You decide.

Author — Charles Pierce


Nice review Raiti! If you get the fully loaded model, it comes with heated wheel and ventilated seats as well. Fantastic SUV. I love the "goldielocks" size!

Author — John Holst


I really love what Hyundai is doing with the different models and trims. I have a 2009 Sonata, which is running solid. I'm planning to upgrade to a 2015/16 Sonata and then jump to one of their SUVs (Kona, Tucson... or my favorite to date, the 2019 Santa Fe). Great video.

Best wishes from The Dominican Republic.

Author — Tinio Espinal


Three months in to my new 2019 FWD 2.4 and love it. I average about 30 mpg in mixed city/hwy driving. Plenty of power and room. Rides well.

Author — pilot guy


Totally agree with you Joe...Gotta Zonk that single exhaust pipe. Hyundai needs to get with the dual exhaust pipes, it would give such a better look.

Author — Larry bigdogcapital


I really enjoy your detailed and informative reviews! Im deciding between crosstrek limited and santa fe sel plus. Like the subie and off road abilty but concerned over CVT. Santa Fe actual automatic and great warrantee. Thoughts?

Author — Greg Read


We just bought a 2019 Santa Fe, the base model is still very nice and we love it so far

Author — Henk Bouma


Hyundai hit it straight out of the park with the new Santa Fe. Beats the Ford Edge and new Chevy Blazer on price, content and features. 💯

Author — Ben Kurth


Nice review Joe! Hyundai gives you a lot of bang for the buck. I wish it had a little more power, maybe a V6 especially in Limited trim. It looked like the drivers seat was a little too high. I thought you were sitting on a couple of phone books at first. Great job!👍🏻👍🏻

Author — L S


Awesome video on the Santa Fe. I currently drive a 2007 Hyundai Entourage and I love it. I have gotten over 200k miles on it right now and I am looking at the mid-size SUV. I will keep the Entourage as a second vehicle because it is that dependable. Hyundai is at the top of my list especially with the 10yr 100K warrenty. Does the 2019 Santa Fe come with a 6 cylinder non turbo engine as did the 2018's ?

Author — Peter Gagliardo


Good value and right sized. Liked analog gauges last model better. And now it looks like a Subaru though.

Author — Greg Myrland


If you wanted to see Cooled seats, you should have got into a vehicle that had that option installed. Don’t mistake the comment in the video to mean its not available. I test drove one last week and was pleasantly surprised with the Turbo power and quietness of the ride. Not sure its worth upgrading to my 2017 v6 Ultimate, but improvements have been made from an already good vehicle.

Author — Jeff Yoder


You’re gaining well deserved subs very quickly! Please keep making quality videos

Author — Pickle 5000


Very nice comprehensive review! I'm buying this car in few months! 👍

Author — Jaro Pivarci


Moses I have been in car business for last 30 years, never thought Hyundai can improve this much, will recommend it

Author — Mosen Ganjriz


I just bought a Santa Fe yesterday with navigation, ventilated seats and heads up display. You are not testing the top model. This is a great car.

Author — Keith Steck