300 IQ Best Moments in Brawl Stars

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300 IQ Best Moments in Brawl Stars 4.5
300 IQ best funny moments in Brawl Stars! Ultimate guide to become a Pro.
Thanks guys!

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10:15 All u had to do was get those power ups

Author — xTowls


5:02 If I go down I'm taking you with me

Author — Vanessa Castaneda


8:48 brawl stars moments did his part 👏🏾👏🏾

Author — YnwoKer YK


7:51 that’s what every Shelly 1v1 is like on island ivansion

Author — Dc


The Gem Grab Pam healing station trick is a really good tool. Ppl would expect you to be next to it, but u hide somewhere else

Author — KEV


Lol that’s me dark when I was using Carl

Author — Darkt_Z


1:54 if dynamikes jumps OVER the missiles why does the missiles go over him🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂

Author — Mathias Melero


2:30 is literally a 10 iq play that almost lost them the game

Author — Zefty


Bull: Bulls in charge
Crow: are you sure about dat?

Author — ThanosPoopAnimation


Also a lot of gene user use all those tactics lol

Author — Aiden Valdovinos


Another episode on “Why is this in my recommended?”

Author — TheRavenXVII


5:15 Jesus CHrist. This was an amazing Mortis play!

Author — Monkey D. Mac


1:17 that would be more of “crow is insanely broken” rather than 300 iq cuz its not that hard to pull that off

Author — BigDowny


At 1:25 iwas the bull 🙂💔 it was before 4months or more i guess

Author — Dead Wolf


8:47 - Wait I know that guy. I played with him. He is my friend.

Author — The unsuccessful gaming channel


Sometimes when i See legendary of mytihcc brawlers im just thinking like:“Who didn‘t i Get one of These?“

Author — Nick Gurr


These sound effects in the video makes the video not funnyl

Author — 10. 000 subs without any videos


2:56 This video is fake the countimg needs to stop when someone destroy a this thing idk da hell was that stay tune :)

Author — Mayirz Boi