The Worst Teacher Ever (Pt. 1)

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The Worst Teacher Ever (Pt. 1) 5

the absolute worst teacher I've ever had

Outro Song: "Lower Brinstar" by Adepto the Wonder (that's me!)

Outro artwork: Dragon Ball Z/Super
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The skate park in the game at the beginning is like a mile from my house

Author — Annoyed Toad


My Latin teacher who got fired for throwing a desk at an autistic kid is probably the worst by a mile.

Author — Johnny M


Bruh my teacher is the worst she wouldn't let me bring a gun in the classroom and LITERALLY tackled me. Like bruh

Author — Branden Moore


This isn’t really a funny story:
I have adhd medicine I need to take every day at a certain time. During gym, it was the time I needed to go. I told my teacher I have to go to the nurse for my medicine. She straight just said, “No.” I then told her that this was the time of day I needed to go and she said no. Since I kinda had to get my medicine, I walked out of class. The gym teacher noticed that I left and she called the security guard. He caught me in the hallway and sent me to the office. I explained to them what I was doing and they kept ignoring my issue. I ended up getting detention and got my medicine like an hour later. It was 3 years ago in 7th grade.

Author — Owen Klein


got a detention for wearing the “wrong” shoes once lol. she even had the audacity to tell me to buy new shoes

Author — Obi Wan Kenobi


As my music teacher liked to say: "A student is guilty until proven innocent".

Author — Misho Bankata


*shows respect for women* everyone: SIMP

Author — FreddyFromItalia


One time my sub called my whole class annoying and was swearing at us. She literally almost got fired the next day and was crying about how she was the victim.

Author — Calaphron


My teacher was racist against me in alot of situations. One time i was choked by a student in front of him and he said that it was my fault and i got suspended because of it

Author — Talal Alnafia


There was a teacher at my middle school who was legitimitely insane. She gave detentions to inanimate objects. She gave detentions to an apple (for chipping her tooth), a computer (for not turning on), a pencil (for misspelling a word), and a cactus (for pricking her finger). She gave detentions to students for sneezing, dropping pencils, and coughing. I was assigned her as my teacher in 7th grade, and when I found out she was going to be my teacher, I told my parents that I wouldn't be going to school. My parents didn't believe these stories, until my Dad's assisstant who had had several kids in her class confirmed that these stories were true. My parents got me to change classes. I eventually found out that the only reason she was still teaching was because she had tenure.

Author — Mega Ascension


Optimus mentions a flip phone
Everyone: my guy built pyramids back in his day

Author — XxDarkStalker_xX


History teacher (female): would forget to go to class, would go to a store in the middle of the day to buy herself food, would give you an F if you weren't ready to write a test but would give it to you tomorrow anyway, and if you weren't ready she would give you another F and repeat ( she would basically give you 5 F's for the same thing )

English teacher (female): would forget stuff and blame it on the students.

This isn't every story I have about my teachers but it would be too long to write and I am too lazy.

And here is an unrelated story, there was a student in our class that could not locate our country on the map of our country... He also said that ww2 was fought for drinkable water...

Author — Pickle


There was a kid who wasn't listening and just not paying attention so the teacher had enough and just ran up to him, flipped his desk and slapped him across the face. He got fired later

Author — Marc.


during this pandemic, we course went to online school, one of my teachers sent back work without any advice and just said: "fix it." This kinda made me stressed and sent back the work, seeing no error, THEN SHE SENT BACK ALMOST ALL MY WORK AND SAID FIX IT, NO ADVICE. my mom then emailed her and said what I was doing wrong then my teacher said I had an error in my work, so I kept trying and trying.
I ended up getting a c- in returning my work in time because of her.
What a Karen.

Author — .* Pumpkin Paws *.


I'm not gonna say my worst teach, but rathe my best. Mr Howell, freaking God that teach made me history, and do be aware I hated learning history. Mr Howell turned every lesson into a music lesson. Loved it, i know remeber the Boston tea party through his own original song.

Author — Asa Kay


Teachers thinking they are being relatable

Ah yes the minion meems

Author — Toad Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus Inside #6


My middle school and highschool go to the same building, and the hands down worst teacher is the computers and tech/ middle school geography teacher. He gives the guys worse grades and never graded any of my work. He would delete your work when you weren't paying attention and he's actually the reason one of my friends dropped out. He's also kind of a meme around the school because for some reason you never see him around the school with anything but string cheese. Everyone hates him, but he kind of respects me because I "listen" to him in class. His class wasn't engaging or even remotely helping me learn. And one day I straight roasted him by asking him " hey, mr. ____, I'll give you my string cheese for extra credit." He didn't like that, and I was sent to the office for the rest of the hour, totally worth it though.

(There's more, but it's enough to make a whole video on, so I won't waste your time)

Author — J Skinny


In middle school, I was the smart kid that everyone asked for the answer and then hated me for saying no.

Author — Fire Bla2e


A kid got security called on him because the sub thought he was scooting his chair too much.

Author — The Spruce Moose


He can't be that good-
*"My friend Levi"*
Oh that explains it, nvmnd

Author — Gargolath Lornt