FEMA holds update briefing on Hurricane Florence

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FEMA holds update briefing on Hurricane Florence 4.5
FEMA officials hold briefing as Hurricane Florence nears the Carolinas

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The sign language guy is the best part.

Author — Sarah Brown


Sign language interpreter is hero of the day his expressiveness is amazing.

Author — Fox and Barrett Show


God Bless you all and Our Great President My Prayers are with all out there

Author — Dakota Blessing


They always make it seem worse then what it ends up being

Author — Micah Murphy


Thank you FEMA for both the sign language and Spanish updates. Well done.

Author — Pam Fahey


Why don't they just build giant fans and put them along the coast, and blow the storm back to sea. Simple, solved.

Author — Clark Kent


The gentleman doing sign language stole the briefing! Great job signing!

Author — Mark Van Skiver


OMG, “I’m 100 hundred percent focused on Floyd “, apparently not. My God it’s your job to keep the public informed, how hard is it to remember the name !

Author — Janice Wolfe


The sign language guy is awesome. He is so effective with his body language. Great job

Author — Maritza Gutierrez


on Floyd? This is so typical of our government. What is Floyd next?

Author — Shelley S


I wanna invite the Signing Guy to my next house party!!;)

Author — The Snookman


Whatever the cause of this storm, suspicious or not, it is upon us. My prayers are with all of the people who are in harms way or putting themselves in harms way in order to help their fellow man. Blessings to all.

Author — susan gibney


Starts at 13:30. And is this not the world's fastest signer? Wow!

Author — HappyQuails


IF You STAYED, Write your name on your arm & leg with a permanent marker.

Author — K King


CNN probably blaming this on Trump. Lol 😂😂

Author — joel johns


Trump is holding them accountable or making them do their job.

Author — William Murphey


Wtf lol 🤣just put the words on the screen

Author — Stephanie Walling


LOL the libtards are saying it's Trumps fault LOL

Author — Patriot One


The hurricane will cause massive damage... That's the update.

Author — First Amendment


😂 dude doing sign language needs some glow sticks and techno because dudes Rollin

Author — I'm Angel