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In this video, general contractor, Tom Silva demonstrates how to hang a pegboard in a garage or workshop and organize tools with it.

What is a Pegboard?
Using a 1/4 inch masonite board with either 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch holes; these boards can be found at most home centers. Tom shows it can be as easy as mounting it up on an open stud bay.

This will give the space needed to put peg hooks in without hitting the wall. If no open stud bay is available, mount scrap wood on top of existing studs to make room for the hooks. Tom shows how the finished product can help keep your workspace clean and organized.

Time: 1 hour
Cost: $50 - $100
Skill Level: Beginner


Shopping List

Tommy is using a masonite pegboard, this is the most common and cost-effective board.
1. The easiest way to put up a pegboard wall organizer is to find an open stud bay and mount the pegboard up on the studs.
2. If the desired area is a wall, mount scrap wood onto the wall to give the hooks the needed space behind the pegboard. Make sure to mount the scrap wood where there is support, over existing studs.
3. Apply hooks and/or other pegboard accessories to hang up your tools.

Where to find it?

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How to Install Pegboard | Ask This Old House

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I glue 1 inch rigid foam board to the back of the pegboard with a construction adhesive. It fills the space behind the pegboard to prevent spiders from making it a home. It adds rigidity to the pegboard and holds the hangers tight so they don't fall out. The foam board also adds an additional layer of insulation. I use quarter inch self taping lag screws at the corners and at the top and bottom where it crosses every stud. It is very secure and doesn't sag.

Author — bruticusmagnus Thunderscreech


Tom has a wonderful, calming vibe. I could listen to him for hours and I don't even have a pegboard.

Author — Kay B.


Great video. Thanks for showing the different types of hooks and holders available. Thanks!!

Author — Cantinatollo1


The best part about installing pegboard is the hard pegging that follows.

Author — Doug Randle


You guys should do a review of the various pegboard materials including metal and the proprietary types of hooks, holes/slats etc.

Author — Captain Kangaroo


Hot glue works to hold the pegs in also.

Author — jadd6810


how about doing a demo on pegboard closet, lots of wall space that can be organized.

Author — silver rat


I remember watching this series on PBS. Nice seeing this OG!



Almost took my finger off with a hanging chisel, be careful hanging extra sharp tools 👍

Author — Publix Carrot Cake


It's not clear how thick the ripped 2x4 is to stand the pegboard off the wall. It looks thinner than the 1 and 3/4" thickness of a 2x4.

Author — Charles Dinwyn


Just did some, it looks sooo much better if you reverse the pegboard (brown side facing you)

Author — Bigguy 33


Super Inefficient use of space there but I appreciate the good tutorial. 👍

Author — 21area21


1:38 and suddenly that hook grew bigger.

Author — fadetounforgiven


Not to be a downer, but this video was more of a "why peg boards are great" rather than a "how to". You guys installed it assuming that no one's putting the peg board over drywall, or a flat surface. Kind of a waste really...

Author — M Anderson


Why does this video make me so happy that I cant wipe the grin of my face

Author — Ajay chawla


Looks like some YouTube “Maker’s” tool collection.

Author — c0mputer


Y'all can keep those hooks that need the plastic keepers, that's BS. Give me the ones that have 2 inserts per hook any day that's the only way to go in my opinion.

Author — Capt. Rich


Bruh this literally the real home improvement show

Author — Phuck YouTube


If that makes you feel better, my garage organization would straight up give you a disorder.

Author — Mario Puzo


What a joke! If anyone has a doorway with nothing behind it this will work great.

Author — Just Me