Watch live: President Trump makes announcement on E.U. trade

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Watch live: President Trump makes announcement on E.U. trade 3

Watch live coverage as President Trump makes an announcement on EU trade from at the White House.

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Watch live: Trump makes announcement on EU trade

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So USA now has beef with the EU huh? :) Lets get it on!

Author — 💿


I get that it was a live recording but you can still EDIT IT afterwards. Trump 2020

Author — Get a Life


Dump Commie Putin Puppet Rump and Vlad Putin... 2020...

Author — whyputaname2


American beef full of hormones and other chemicals! DON'T EAT AMERICAN BEEF!

Author — HardWarUK


Pres Trump knows everything in his finger tips just like the way he competently accomplishes all the economic numbers. Pres Trump's visible accomplishment for the US within a brief period of time is the greatest envy of all past presidents and world leaders of today.

President Trump who has proven track record of successful business and corporate experiences, has made the difference to the US economy just 2 years into his presidency! Data speaks about Pres Trump's succession of successive successes in achieving the best economy for the US in the last 50 years (historic strong economy!), the lowest unemployment rate in 51 years since the '40s (historic job growth blockbuster job report!), a safer US, tax reform/cut, largest energy producer in the world, wage growth for middle class, getting out of the most horrible Iran deal, that DOW number of 27, 000+ is the highest – strongest stock market. That is the highest it has ever been, ever. It's never been that high.

The Left clearly has no substance from the time of Bill Clinton and escalated their incompetence during the lawlessness of Obama's watch. The Democrats are unable to think strategically, and is heading to destroy America with their failed and destructive policies. The Democrats are showing to the American people that they must learn never to vote nor ever trust a Democrat with their destructive policies again. People, please make that correction before it is too late!

As long as Pres Trump is pro-Israel (Genesis 12:3), America will be great again. History shows that America was blessed at the beginning in terms of their harmonious relationship with the Jewish people rather than an adversarial relation. Great Britain rapidly declined as a world power when it didn't support Israel. The sun does set on the British Empire. Also the quick decline of Adolf Hitler's reign. God works through Federal heads biblically. The position the leader of a country takes, God will bless the people under that particular federal head. So continue to vote for Pres Trump for greater blessings of prosperity and greatness upon America.

Author — Lim Lin


US trade agreements had been major agricultural exports. US beef is a major export goal for many FTAs and agriculture producers had been major beneficiaries of free trade, not the other way. I don't understand when he says the farmers had been the 'victims' of retaliatory tariffs from China. China is one of the importers of food, not exporters. They need to import more food to feed their people.

Author — Vincent Sung


Europe famously doesn’t want America’s foodstuffs. Why do you think there’s such resistance to your chlorinated chicken and hormone-riddled beef here? No thank you.

Author — Ver Coda


Is the Republican Health Care Plan better than Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act?
If so how do I sign up?

Author — Douglas Barton


trump's given up, as he noted the other day, on his failed tariffs. i.e. trying to use them to coerce other countries to do his bidding by twisting his OWN arm, lol. now, he wants the EU to provide him with pain relievers. i guess he's not smart enough to realize that other countries can do this, and have been since he started down this dead-end road, too. the stable genius at work.

Author — Blade Runner


#DonaldTrump the worlds WORST public speaker and leader in the world!!! THE WORST!!

Author — chaoreye