What I learned as a prisoner in North Korea | Euna Lee

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What I learned as a prisoner in North Korea | Euna Lee 5
In March 2009, North Korean soldiers captured journalist Euna Lee and her colleague Laura Ling while they were shooting a documentary on the border with China. The courts sentenced them to 12 years of hard labor, but American diplomats eventually negotiated their release. In this surprising, deeply human talk, Lee shares her experience living as the enemy in a detention center for 140 days -- and the tiny gestures of humanity from her guards that sustained her.

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The victims of north korea are north koreans

Author — hoda sara


Who just watched ted vids for 3 hours instead of studying

Author — Suga, jimin and V’s WIFEU


They were not her enemies. They are ALL prisoners there.

Author — Winnie coopr


She doesn't mention the torture, starvation and living conditions. She purely focuses on her powerful message. Made me proud to be a South Korean again.

Author — Isaac Kim


North Korean people cannot be equatable to their evil and corrupt government. They are victims too. I hope that one day, Korea can reunify peacefully and all these people can be free. ♥️

Author — Christianne x


Man, I got goosebumps. She must have felt so helpless in that situation, it's terrifying.

Author — Kingthlayer L.


North Korea is a place.

North Koreans are people.

Their leader is a monster.

Author — dumpster


So let's do an "interview" with Kim Jong Un and free the North Korean people! Joking aside, that was a great talk. We usually forget the people when North Korea is brought up

Author — Kylin


We all are born equal; we come to this world with nothing and will leave with nothing.

Author — Tibor Roussou


I see some stupid comments blame her for getting into NK border when it is really not the issue of this talk... get the point idiots..

Author — bdgd


How about all these North Korea supporters in the comments take a vacation there.

Author — Corrupted Archangel


all NK people are prisoners of kim jong uns administration

Author — Akuzena


There are no enemies among common people, there are enemies among authorities and governments. I feel it so hard living in the only region of war in Europe.

Author — Алексей Голбан


Wow, she went back for a colleague. I probably wouldn’t but I would be SOO disappointed in myself if I didn’t. The best choice was to just go with the colleague or friend.

Author — stephanie li


When we think of North Korea, we think of all the bad things. But it is important to remember that all the bad things are from the face of the government that isn't even by the people. The government consists of one man's idea over the whole country. Its unfortunate that so many innocent people are born into this and many brainwashed into thinking that system is right. At least we learn that even then, there are people with minimal humanity. It's just sad that this isn't always the case.

Author — Monica Ghosh


There are some really stupid comments in this comment section.

Author — Iiduli


How pity it is when only few people decide your action. Surely we are humans not birds. We don't have wings.

Author — Jaydev Solanki


My life now seem wouldn't mind dying to unite the world.

Author — george eliot evans


It is incredibly important to separate the North Korean people and the North Korean government. Especially as the North Korean Government makes big threats against the US. The NK people are the NK government's first and worst victims. They have to live under NK government rule.

Nor is Ms. Lee's experience unique. Around Christmas one year in World War 1, both sides called a halt to the fighting. Before long soldiers from both sides were playing games like volleyball in No Man's Land. During the American Civil War, scouts for armies on both sides were known to play cards with each other.

It is also good to remember that Ms. Lee got kindness from some people in North Korea, but got none from the government. The NK *government* is still a genuine enemy to South Korea and the US even though its *people* are not, or need not be.

Author — John Trauger


"When dictatorship is a fact, revolution is a duty"—Amadeu de Prado.

Author — Issam Mohanna