One Piece World Seeker - DLC 3: The Unfinished Map - PS4/XB1/PC

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Tomorrow a new story begins in One Piece World Seeker! “The Unfinished Map” picked up by Law will be the starting point of a crazy journey in the Sky Islands with the young Roule!

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You might call me crazy, but I'm actually excited for this DLC. Law is undoubtedly my favorite character in One Piece and he looks fun to play as.

Author — Rob Harli


Really hyped for this DLC. I can barely wait until tomorrow.

Author — Dan Benjamin


Seems like the best episode yet, and that Karue Chocobo is appealing as hell, gonna buy it.

Author — Martin smith


"The Unfinished Map" lol people are gonna meme this. "Yes, Bandai admits the map isnt finished"

Author — Moe Moe いずみ


Finally!!! My fav char Law is looking 🔥🔥🔥 and defo worth the wait!

Also this game is sick! It's over hated by ppl who haven't even tried it themselves and never gave it a chance 😔

Author — GamerHoodUK


"The Unfinished Map" What a perfect title to describe this game

Author — Andhika ⭐


So is that “Additional player lineup” just showing the the dlc characters? Or is it gonna get more dlc

Author — True Red Dragon Emperor


I was like... this gameplay looks totally different (thinking it was pirate warriors 4) and then was like “oh yeah... forgot world seeker was a thing” maybe I’ll pick it up when it comes as a complete bundle and discounted...

Author — Isaac Xiong


You know. Maybe make a game like just centered on law. I mean he has the most diverse powers in the anime and I don’t want to buy a game just to play as luffy again..

Author — Tra-guy D


When does a new character gonna come out?

Author — blueberry ig


I think I'm close to the end (pls god hope not on his story) but I thought yall could've added a bit more maybe new bosses like doffy? Or caesar? Or maybe another supernova? Like the endless ideals for this cmon I've created ideas on my videos and damn ppl loved it

Author — Onepiece King


I hope they make a law spin off series

Author — rivalal


This game should have been like Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Author — Mehdi Tj


Is "Unfinished Map" by chance an admission of guilt (or rather laziness)?

Author — Con D. Oriano


Hell yeah!!! Finally i can play as law

Author — Core Pride


I actually beat the zoro dlc b4 the main game started the sabo one I cant get into the main story for some reason

Author — Senpai Silverfox :)


I must say, I was really pissed with the game, luffy being the only playable and the game being boring, but now with Law i'm considering into buying the game lol

Author — Nero


What if the next Naruto game is open world like one piece World Seeker and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Author — MrCool_4k60


I can't find the location to the Boss Rush challenge for law can anyone help me out

Author — justlookatit


Why does my game suddenly have a 20gig download. Thats almost the size of the game itself. Is all the dlc free? Cause i havent bought it.

Author — D Va