Trump orders strike on Syria

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Trump orders strike on Syria 3

President Donald Trump ordered a military strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad after he reportedly used chemical weapons on his own people. Britain and France joined the military attack on Syria.




Mercury News

East Bay Times

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I can already smell ww3

P.s to all the people who got serious learn how to take a joke and when I ment smell I ment I can smell the radiation of ww3

Автор — dave vincent


Why does the U.S. still feel the need to police the World. As many countries are within the UN why does the U.S. always have to be the aggressor in attacks on other nations. Let those countries closest to the threat deal with it. We are on another continent and this does not involve us in a dangerous personal way. Please leave other nations alone and focus on getting clean drinking water to Flint Michigan, control the rising poverty level, veteran aid and gun and police brutality within our own country before trying to regulate and attack other nations.

Автор — Taylor Harris


What a way to start World war 3

Edit: learn to take a joke people many others made this joke before me

Автор — Gaming dude


As we sit on the eve of the 3rd world war

Автор — Joshua Virzi


You don't gas your own people when your winning a war ..

Автор — Venchi Musa


well it was fun while it lasted, rip y'all

Автор — Kayla Spicer


Anyone wanna play fortnite

Xbox One

Because Friday is for the Boys

New Gamertag is : G1 Eazy add me

Автор — II F e a r r II


WWIII is coming and 1/3 of humanity will perish

Автор — Justino Silva


Why are people taking this as a joke saying ww3 war isn’t a joke

Автор — Justice Smalls


Why play ww2 when you can participate in ww3

Автор — XxZeroXD123xX


We start a WW3 with an ALLEGED chemical attack? How silly is that? Can I go rob a bank because I ALLEGED the bank stolen my money without solid proof?

Автор — Minh K. Truong


So I see the Trump reelection campaign is already off to a good start...

Автор — sulufest


God forgive this man, and god help the innocent people this obnoxious man hurt... god bless you all

Автор — Jennifer armenta


Oh gosh. I hope Trump doesn't start wwlll

Автор — Zachary F.


America, the self-conscious hypocrite who thinks that it is the leader of democracy, the free world, and human rights. All human right violations were caused by Americans due to their financial and military support of their proxies that are used to commit atrocities. The Syrian Civil War was seen in all the Civil Wars of Latin America and Africa and Yugoslavia. You also played the same card there, you installed murderous regimes, you committed War Crimes with your proxies who used your money and weapons. Your victims were children and women. The chemical attack was a fabrication by U.S proxies who were paid with millions of dollars and were guaranteed asylum. The CIA is perhaps presently safeguarding them lest they also reveal U.S was behind it.

Автор — Steven Lee


Hey dum dums ww3 won't start because of an airstrike. Remember when there was an airstrike a few months ago? No one remembers it.

Автор — SpikedPuddingStudios


Ww3 is right across the korner guys get ready

Автор — The buzzard killer On gta


Soon war's will be fought with sticks and stones.

Автор — Yo


Syria spend so much money and take big risk to create chemical weapon to killing invaluable targets. Then let whole world know they did it.
Wow. What a brilliant plan !

Can goverment pick a better reason to start this war?

Автор — hanwen Jia


All I will say is get back to Jesus Christ, pray and repent America. Get ready for whatever is coming. Have faith in no man, only Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

Автор — Lily Taylor