2021 Jeep Rubicon vs. Sahara | Which Vehicle is Right For You?

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Matt discusses his thoughts on which Jeep model might be right for you. The 2021 Jeep Rubicon vs. Jeep Sahara.

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Before watching the video, here's my thoughts! Personally the Rubicon is someone who wants to try/going off-roading on a daily basis but doesn't need much upgrading to make that happen, the Sahara has equipment for a person who would like to daily drive a vehicle but have all the comfort compared to the Unlimited X, Overall the Rubicon is meant for someone who's going off-road, and the Sahara is meant for someone to daily drive in style, and comfort.

Author — limitedwrld


Thanks for this video. Many questions answered 👍🏻 I think the Rubicon looks much better, but for a city person the Sahara seems to be the better choice.

Author — EndTimeImages


My gf bought a Sahara in 18 with dana 44 rear option and we ended up putting 2" lift, 35s, sway quick disconnects, etc. Hindsight, Rubi probably would have made more sense to get the lockers but haven't had any capability issues on moderate/difficult trails.

Author — Chris R Carraher


I consider my Sahara Unlimited the housewives/sports mom version. I love the clean lines with the matching hard top. The Rubicon has a more sporty look. I'd get one of those for son when he's old enough to drive. I can't wait to try the 1-touch roof, for convenience.

Author — Sunny Webb-Brazelton


Both models are good vehicles but my heart is with the Rubicon!

Author — marco mckay


I went with a 2 door sport s. I got all the features I want for 41, 000. I'm not an aggressive off roader. I enjoy basic light trails. I love the jeep life and being able to take off the doors and top. If I ever get into more off roading I'll upgrade my jeep or get a Rubicon. But for now this suits my lifestyle and puts a smile on my face every time I get into my jeep!

Author — Pawpaw 252


This video is exactly what I was looking for when it came to explaining different trim levels. Liked, subscribed, looking forward to more content!

Author — TRU BLU💙


seems like the Rubi is the way to go....especially considering those seem to have the best discounts right now
love that white on in the video

Author — SoCal NSX


Thanks for the great description of both models. Very simple and to the point.

Author — David


the JL grill is actually reminiscent of 1) CJ5/7 grill with headlight protruding into slate area and 2) YJ grill which has a more pronounced bow in the slates as does JL, TJ grill is closer to JK grill with its ever so slight bow in the slats over the JK having none .. the TJ signal lights on fender like JL and YJ rectangular headlight buckets maybe sway people left and right, have owned all but the JL and that's what I see. It interesting Rubi can now have everything Sahara does ++, used and fairly new with similar mileage the prices seem similar where I am ...

Author — Ky KynKey


Thanks for the info and great video! I went with the Rubicon. FYI, the bummer part of the one touch hard top is the back glass DOES NOT come out. Only the side glass. :-(

Author — Jason Ayers


Wanted a rubicon but ended up with a high altitude although it wasn't cheap (55k). It drives so much nicer with the black 20 inch rims and looks amazing. I'm never going to off road so I prefer a premium drive and feel. I just like cruising with the top off

Author — John k


I didn't hear anything about engine and transmission options, I dig the Rubicon and was wondering if they are available with 6 speed manual?

Author — Corvet Coyote


I just ordered my first Jeep ever, on 11-30-2020 and it arrived at the dealership on 02-12-2021. I was very impressed at how fast it was built and delivered to the dealership. I ordered a 2021 JL Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Mine was also white but I went with the black, 3 piece hard top, metal bumpers, and a handful of other options too.

Author — J. R.


Id like a black Sahara with the leather interior 🤤

Author — GangWay Crypto 👑


If I’m only planning on primarily going to the beach/dunes/trails and maybe some snow, is the Sahara the best choice? I plan on adding a lift kit and bigger tires, and other upgrades along the way. I don’t plan on rock climbing but can’t decide if a rubicon is necessary for the type of off-roading I like to do.

Author — Alicia


I'm thinking of getting one. I will never reallt take it off road but I love the look of the Rubicon. Is it crazy to buy if your're just using it for everyday road use?

Author — Richard Pridham


That Rubicon is beautiful, but you're definitely going to pay a premium for it.

Author — Hay 123


Get the Sahara if you want heated seats and your going to replace the front and rear axles with Danatrac pro rocks or something like it because your removing everthing that make a Rubicon a Rubicon less the sway bar disconnect that is usually broke anyway.

Author — Super Duper


I went with the Sahara over the Rubicon purely for $$$. The dealer wanted $57, 000 for a Rubi. The Sahara was $38, 000. I had a gladiator but a teenager in a TJ ran into the back of me and totaled it. The wrangler is more fun to drive. But the gladiator had more utility value to it.

Author — Mark Hosemann