Royal Gel Terraria 1.3 item - EXPERT MODE DROP (Terraria item Tutorial)

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Here is a brand new item in Terraria 1.3 dropped from the King Slime! Subscribe for unique daily content!



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It's actually a lot better than you make it sound. Sure it's not jaw dropping, but completely neutralizing an entire classification of enemy across the entire map is nothing to scoff at. Not to mention slimes are one of the few enemies that are present through pretty much the whole game.

Author — Andrew Kaser


Thank you Sir. James for your magestic content, I think you are one of the best terraria players and a great youtuber in general, keep up the good work and keep sharing those secrets with us brother.

Author — RosieQueen68


This might be useful for afk farming king slime early on or for the slime rain event, also thanks for making those videos Chippy, you are really doing a great job at them.

Author — r543Blitzsonic


Royal Gel can be a good item against slimes, but is somewhat limited (but I still really want it to rain slime).
Nice video, Chippyster (Chippyster is not the best nickname)
Edit1: Where is the Viewer Challenge ???

Author — John Productions


Man, this thing is actually very useful ...i managed to get it earl on (got lucky from an orb in the corruption with a unreal musket) and let me tell you ....early in the game this is amazing as ALL slimes go neutral...a lot easier to explore the ice underworld and jungle because thos silmes have nasty debuffs

Author — nobody


Loving These Videos Keep It Up Chippy!

Author — KM Twisted


Actually, Royal Gel is a good item for the Jungle if you started a new char in Expert mode. Spiked Jungle Slimes are quite strong and this let you completely ignore them. That's it, if you are using this accessory you just have to fight Hornets and Man Eaters.

Author — KurzedMetal


Do slimes become hostile once u hit them if you have the royal gel?

Author — Beaniez0


Does slime rain occur randomly or do you have to summon it and is it expert mode exclusive?

Author — Luka Abramovič


I like you chippy you are the best youtuber out there pls keep 1.3 coming

Author — Lachlan Bligh


Much Slime, Many Confuse, Such Sneak, WOW!

Author — NeedMoreMushrooms


Ok that accessory makes me super fucking happy. It's probably not too useful, no, but idk, I can't explain the feeling. It just makes me happy.

Author — Arcien


Apparently there's a new 'Slime Rain' invasion that's part of the new stuff, so if we put two and two together...

Author — Gratuitous Lurking


It will be awesome if they put all items on all platforms since this is the last update for this game (I think)

Author — Jazz Michael


does anyone know what he used to spawn all the slimes?

Author — AGreasemonkey


Aww the Great Rainbow Slime Migration what a beautiful example of nature.

Author — SuperAC130master


Hey chippy how did you spawn all the rainbow slime was it a program or something?

Author — Wubzel


How did you spawn that many rainbow slimes?

Author — Quinn Wasson


Damn this videos are coming fast PLZ KEEP THESE COMING

Author — Amir Amini


Show the minemount!! Love your videos!! <3

Author — Erik Hallengren