Silvaco TCAD ATLAS Tutorial 3, How to write a code in Silvaco? How to build your own STRUCTURE?

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How to write a code in Silvaco??
How to define a structure in ATLAS ?
Define Meshing, Region, Material, Electrode and Doping in Atlas.
Specifying 3D structure, Contact Characteristics, Material properties and Interface properties.

Hello to all
Thank you so much for your support and love.
I am giving silvaco Tcad code explaining fundamental of nanotechnology devices for rupees 15,000 only (more than 15 codes). The beginner in this field can avail this opportunity to become the masters.

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The list of codes that I will be providing incudes:
Design of Bulk MOSFET, SOI MOSFET (PD & FD), DGMOSFET, TFET, Nanowire FET, Nanowire FET for Gas sensing, Triple Metal Gate Vertical TFET, JLTFET Biosensor, CPTFET Biosensor Ferroelectric FET, Organic FET, GaN nanowire, AlGaN/GaN HEMT, FinFet, Dual Source VTFET.
Simulation PPT - 450 slides + Modeling - 62 slides (Both in rupees 7,000 only).
Offer is valid up to 31st march 2021.

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Hello, In this video you never expanded much on method or models and you mention in the video that one of your videos expands on this, can you tell me which video expands on that??

Author — Lilian Casias


hi sir, for the solve statement. the one with

solve init
solve prev
solve vdrain... and so on.

is that mean you use vds=1 ?

Author — Muhaimin Mohd Hashim


sir, can you plz tell me how to write code for MOSHEMT or upload a video for that thanks it wld be great help

Author — Meenakshi Chauhan


hello sir . i am from nit j first year mtech. sir could u pls give captions options for the video. at some places I m finding it difficult to understand .

Author — Jainandan Modi


Nice video! Very helpful!
I wrote the code for GaN-on-Silicon HEMT and GaN-on-Sapphire HEMT but could not obtain the correct graph after simulation. Could you help me?

Author — Michelle Chong


Very much helpful !!!... sir, kindly provide me the video link where you have explain how to use the physical model statements in simulation.

Author — Chandan Gupta


Could you please upload codes for metal oxide semiconductor based TFT (Thin Film Transistor)/charge plasma based design approach on TFT for gas sensing?



My file types doen't have CSV format option. Can you please help?

Author — Ayan De


Sir why you have not defined the region statement for gate, source and drain contact? And here the colour code for air and gate, source, drain contact is same, why so?

Author — sachin dhariwal


hello sir.... sir i am trying to install the silvaco for the last three months but every day it pops up a new problem... sometimes deckbuild doesnot open and tonyplot is not working from the very first day... i have reinstalled the software many times but the problem is still going on... please help

Author — peeyush bhatt


Sir in the same code i have varied vgs for varied vds, but still i am not able to plot output characteristics for different vgs, and transfer characteristics for different vds.... Pls tell me how to do that...thanks in advance

Author — sachin dhariwal


Could you please describe Gaussian profile in Atlas or give some example with junction depth. I'm working on a solar cell simulation and have some errors in Gaussian profile doping.
First Error: Specified junction lies outside semiconductor,
Second Error: Background doping has same polarity as Gaussian at junction depth.
How can I solve these errors?
Thanks in advance.

Author — Dsss


Well, I have biomolecule (defined as insulator), underneath this biomolecule, I have, how can I define fixed charge on SiO2, which is interface between SiO2 & biomolecule(defined as insulator) in Atlas silvaco

Author — Biswajit Khan


Can you please tell me how to add new materials in silvaco atlas?

Author — Joseph Mebelson


i wrote the program but tony plot is implemented successful but graph is no come

Author — Dr. Madhusudan Roy


Can you describe how to write code in athena

Author — Vaibhav Purwar