Tenerife Travel Guide: Top 10 Things To Do (4K)

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Tenerife Travel Guide: Top 10 Things To Do (4K) 5

I have put together this Tenerife Travel Guide to share my experience of the island and hopefully give an insight into the many different excursions and day trips you can do, as well as some of the less touristy spots too.

This video covers flights to Tenerife, Tenerife hire car, and Tenerife accommodation.

This Tenerife top 10 travel guide includes: Teide National Park, Siam Park, whale and dolphin watching, Tenerife beaches, Icod, Masca, Santa Cruz, Spanish fiestas and more.

In my experience, people come to Tenerife for the sunshine and sometimes don't leave their all inclusive resort which is a huge shame as Tenerife has so much to offer. Hopefully my Tenerife Top 10 may persuade you to explore further if you're planning a trip to Tenerife.

Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands and my family have been taking their holiday here for over 30 years. Tenerife and the Canary Islands hold a special place in my heart and I want to share with you why.


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'The sea goes all the way round the island'

Author — traci beacer


Haha. "The sea goes all the way around the island". I don't know why this made me laugh so hard.

Author — cjm081


I'm from Tenerife, and I approve this video. And if you allow me to add a suggestion, Los Gigantes, Bajamar and La Laguna are worth the visit.

Author — Katia González Ledesma


Siam park definitely worth its price of a ticket, best water park I've been too

Author — Jammyplays13


You’ve been going there since the ‘80’s and you just said “mogeeto” for mojito? 🤣

Author — Bubby


Dude this is so professionally done, you have a great presentation voice too!

Author — iamsiyes


you have made a beautiful reportage of my island
Thank you!!

Author — miguel Pérez Izquierdo


Going to Tenerife in 4 days and cannot wait for it so wish me luck.

Author — Naruto G


BRILLIANT mate, absolutely hands on the BEST promotion video I have seen about Tenerife, I feel lucky to live on this Paradise Island . I am in the Holiday industry my self and this I will show to All Brits, because unfortunately they normally just stay at or around the hotel and dont seem to want to see anything else lol . lets hope this video will change there minds :-)

Author — Michael Anthony


Tenerife 4K?
Chacho! Chiquito homenaje! Jajaja

Author — Click Music


Best advice, "The sea goes all the way around the island" lol :-D

Author — Good luck everyone


Another great video Captain Global - keep it up! Tenerife looks lovely x

Author — hot 24


Brilliant video. Ive been here 7 times now, 8 in a few weeks. I love the place and hopefully one day will live here, its the only place on this planet that ive been to and felt at home, i hate having to leave. Thanks for this video, it showed me a couple of places i havent been to, will hopefully get to see them this time.

Author — Stephen Cooper


"The sea goes all the way around the island."
Yeah. That's how islands work, friend.

Author — blueslove61


6:19 Yes it is protected, but you can go to the top of El Teide you just have to get a permit ahead of time.
They only allow about 200 people a day to go to the peak.
You have to request a permit via their website in order to get to the top, do this at least 60 days ahead of time, otherwise you will not get a chance.

Author — FuquarProductions


vengo de parte de la profe Viki :) like si tu tmb

Author — jhon gamer 121


When you talked about Santa Cruz you actually mixed up some footage of another city called La Laguna, World Heritage but really forgotten by tourists because all they want to do is get a tan

Author — Gara .Hernández


Fantastic job on my island. It is shown than Tenerife is more than sun and beaches. You forgot to mention San Cristóbal de La Laguna (World Heritage) and La Orotava which are two amazing towns. Also, I would add to visit Los Gigantes (cliffs) among other superb places the tourist can find in the island. Anyway great video!! thank you very much!!

Author — Francisco Javier Brito Nazco


VIVA MI TIERRA ....gracias por hablar bien de ella 👍👍👍👍

Author — Javier Rivero


El norte es precioso, y también va mucho turismo. Y en la Capital. Santa cruz de Tenerife!! Ahí mucho que ver!! Es mi tierra, es súper bonita. Pero toda enterita!!! Lo importante, que es mas tranquila ke muchos sitios. Poca delincuencia, en el sur un poco más. Va mucha gente extranjera y se vuelve loca. Jajajajaja... Cosas de jóvenes!! Normal!!! Gracias!!

Author — Angela Llarena