Let's Play The Sims 4! #1 First Apartment 🏠

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Let's Play The Sims 4! #1 First Apartment 🏠
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FINALLY I'm doing a new sims let's play!! This time we're playing a newlywed couple moving into their first home together and starting a family 💕

upload your sims to the gallery under the hashtag #sienasims or #sienassims so we can put them in the world!

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OMG YOU GUYS ALREADY UPLOADED SO MANY HOT SIMS!!! adding your cute sims to my game rn, can't wait for you guys to see the next part !!

Author — Siena Mirabella


I love that you've come back to Sims because I have also just cycled back into my Sims 4 phase 😭😭😭

Author — Snotgirlx


DEFINITELY DO A MODS VIDEO! The taking shoes off inside, apple products etc didn’t know exists lmao… and CC 🤪

Author — Kamila Chalat


paloma should be a chef, she’s giving me she’s love to cook vibes

Author — Ashanti


He is definitely giving doctor, family man, breadwinner vibes- & paloma would be the perfect influencer

Author — May A


Omg gurl you’re back!! I’m so happy. I literally just rewatched your last university LP cause I’ve always loved watching your commentaries hehe.

Author — Syarifah Ahmad


I missed this so much! I think she would be a great style influencer. He should go to college and then become a doctor!

Author — Amya Danielle


I AM SOOO EXCITED FOR THIS :)) I've binge watched your other sims series almost 9 times now, you're literally the funniest sims player ever, I keep coming back to them

Author — Maartje Dannenberg


Love this! I think he should be a doctor (maybe like a pediatrician or orthopedic surgeon / sports medicine vibes) and she should be an art or food critic and they have people over for cute dinner parties

Author — Erica


“eugene? get fucked eugene”. i LOVE your commentary!! so glad you’re back playing the sims again!!

Author — lifeinsavseyes


The way in which I RAN to this video! I love your sims content (and everything else <3)

Author — Kate L


bestie!!! happy you got it all sorted, please def do an updated cc vid. loved this for a starting place🤍

Author — May


love that she should be a style influencer ! So glad you’ve bought this back ! I started watching at the beginning of lockdown <33

Author — Dolly Spratt


OMG yay! I love your let’s play! you’re so comforting and fun to listen to!

Author — sexygirl555


I loved and missed your old school Sims videos. So happy they’re back! ❤️

Author — C J


omg i’m so glad ur posting these again 😭😭 can’t wait to binge

Author — Jasmine Caruthers


Gurl I’m LIVING for this cc, we need a video on it!

Author — Cynefinia


Queen is back and I’m here for it!! Hear me out though doctor husband, hairstylist wife and when or if you ever find a real estate mod they get that “Malibu / Calabasas home” and have a whole selling sunset moment with them finding THE home and all of that. Paloma is giving me hairstylist with the extensions BUT the interior design is giving too cause that can play along with a selling sunset moment. The husband has to be a doctor cause we love a rich husband. Love that you’re back, adding Friday sims updates on my calendar right now. 🤍

Author — micah ragudo


waited like forever for this episode!! so happy she‘s finally here. ✨
would love to see mods vids hehe
aaaand i love the idea of paloma being a fashion influencer cuz girl she’s a QUEEN. i‘d buy everything she tells me to, lol

Author — Eva Neumann


I LOVE your Sims videos! I remember watching one of your first Sims videos ago and you got me hooked on the game. Please, please do a mods video. And I'd love to know where you get all the cute clothes and housing accessories.

Author — Gigi Marie