Hand of Fate 2 Nintendo Switch - Worth A Purchase? | Review

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Hand of Fate 2 Nintendo Switch - Worth A Purchase? | Review 4.5

Hand of Fate 2 is out on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow the 17th and today Evan is going through his thoughts on the game. It has been out for a while now on Steam and now the series is finding its way to Nintendo's newest system. Is the game for you? Find out today as Evan breaks down what exactly Hand of Fate 2 is.

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The camera angle change at the 1:40 mark was interesting.

Author — JHDK


4:10 "Most of you are probably still tied up with Project Octopath"

[Goes outside, checks mailbox, walks inside]

"So this Hand of Fate 2 game."

Don't know how many times I'm going to have to type this, hopefully not many more, but I still don't have the game. GameStop you are the bane of my existence. lol

Author — Executer 66


“People concerned about camera angles”.

- The internet in 2018 -

Author — Antonio Barbosa


I completely disagree with the comments on your voice and the camera angles Nd looking away from the camera etc... This was my favourite review

Author — liam bradley


He’s going for that look with controller in hand pretending to be playing the game while reviewing it... plus the review was great so video gets a like from me and a comment

Author — florriblerobot


I got the hands of Fate 2 for the Switch and I know my word more than likely won't mean anything to anyone but get this game. It has alot of D&D elements to it and it's loads of fun!

Author — Scarlet Dreams


I really liked how it looked like he was playing it as he was reviewing it.

Author — skilarbabcock


Hey man, I've watched a few of your most recent reviews, and I just wanted tell you that I thought you've been doing a really great job with them! Even for games that would really catch my interest, the reviews have been really enjoyable to watch in their own right. Nice work!

Author — Peter Herring


Wow Evan's reviews have gotten way better since the last time I watched him.

Great job!

Author — Alexander Chilton


Very good Review ! Hey at the end you continued to work on your Art
Please do also smt with Art on this channel 🤓 tech, gaming & Art / its a Perfect combination 👍😊
You two make a really good channel !
Be blessed

Author — FGXraven


For those who don't know. This is Evan, who Jon references in News Wave frequently.

Author — Hayden Kearney


excellent overview gotta day i’m interested. also super clever with holding the controller while looking at the script to make it seem more natural. props to you my man.

Author — Joseph Cobb


I really liked the camera angle changing. Makes it more interesting to watch.

Awesome review too, ill put this game on my wish list

Author — JarionXP


Thank you, Evan. I like your review. I might try this out!

Author — Ryan Woo


It's great! Lots of variety, runs great on Switch and it's very well written. I have zero gripes with it thus far.

Author — Zunken


Sweet, I didn't realize this was Spawn Wave review

Author — Luis Gonzalez


Yo this game looks awesome! Thanks for the review I’m very much considering getting this now.

Author — Juan Rodriguez


Great review. I tapped this not expecting much, and ended with the question should I try this game. Keep it up.

Author — William Collins


Only question I keep having with this: why didn't they start with part 1 of the series ?
Hand of fate 2 may be nice, but why start with part 2 ?
Otherwise a great idea for a port as the game can even be played on the go quite well thanks to the short quests and the quick gameplay.

Author — L4nc34l0t


Hey there tucayo! Just like your acquaintance John, I really enjoy your vid reviews. Thank you, keep up the good work. 👍 Oh, BTW, where can I see your artwork? Do you have a website of any kind? Thanks. P.S. tucayo means another person having the same name as me or vice versa

Author — Evan J