We drove these electric cars until they DIED!

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We drove these electric cars until they DIED! 5
How far can these electric cars go before they die?! We drove the Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Nissan Leaf, Kia e-Niro and Mercedes EQC across the UK to see how long they could last! Sure, the smart money is on the Tesla, with its claimed range of up to 348 miles – but can the manufacturer's figures really be trusted? Will victory instead go to the sporty-feeling I-Pace, or the posher EQC? Or will the more affordable likes of the e-Niro and Leaf pull a major upset and make it the furthest? There's only one way to find out...

Map imagery taken from Google Earth.

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For those who uses metric and want to know how far these cars went:

Mercedes : 194 miles = 312km
Audi : 206 miles = 331km
Nissan : 208 miles = 334km
Jaguar : 223 miles = 358km
Kia : 255 miles = 410km
Tesla : 270 miles = 434km

Based on the amount of likes and comments my comment got I think people do agree that carwow needs to have a straight up converter from miles to km. Due to the large following carwow already got.

Author — Billie Boe


Do the same test when these cars are 4 years old !

Author — Olaf Mourant


Judging from the stats, KIA is the only manufacturer that's least likely to lie to its consumers lol 🤔😂

Author — Hillodie


"Turtle mode", it should be "Idiot mode" if anyone ever drives the EVs car to a dead battery, lol! Geat vid!

Author — snakeye2669


When they switch drivers, they stop and restart the cars. This would affect the actually number of final miles

Author — Changcheng Xue


Honestly I feel like the kia was the true winner simply because of how close it came to it`s claimed range, and when you consider what you get for the price it`s probably the most sensible buy overall...

Author — Andre Anastacio


So the Kia is the most honest of the car companies. That's acctually what I was actually looking for. Kia it is.

Author — Tractor Wrangler


26:46 tesla 78% of claimed range, 26:30 kia niro 90% of claimed range

Author — LaBambaC


this videos feels like bear grylls took over Top Gear

Author — Dulla Bills


Probably the most damn useful video I've ever seen about EVs. Thank you.

Author — I dance for pennies


Matt: The English gentleman who lets the girl push his car for him

Author — איתן Ethan Jones


I’m a vehicle recovery technician and Iv recovered many of these cars. The Tesla tow mode is not for flat or support tows what it dose is raises the suspension for easier loading into a flatbed truck if the tow truck isn’t a super low access truck. For example a normal tilt and slide tow trucks loading angle on the bed might be too steep so the bumper would scrape and be damaged. The Nissan Leaf sometimes locks out as do all of them but the interesting fact is that they all have a normal 12v battery much like any internal combustion engine car dose, so all you do is get a battery jump pack and get some power into the car to get them into neutral. As in a case I had just yesterday if u don’t do this the vehicle may not let u charge it until the neutral or park position is selected hope this helps

Author — Jony P


Would have been interesting to have seen some city driving too. The largest efficiency differences will probably be in the energy recovery, and you do little of it on the highway.

Author — jort93z


This is lovely... but a summary table with the prices on at the end would have been nice :D

Author — Phillip Parr


"It's the best built tesla" - Bluetooth and Cruise control broken.

Author — MrProthall


Wow...imagine all the hard work carwow have put into this behind the scenes... Lovely job! Cheers! 👍🏼

Author — Tharan Sudhakar


Price/performance (for normal, daily use), you cant beat the KIA. It even has the best warranty.

Author — ComandanteJ


I wanted o see every car driven till they died like in the TITLE!

Author — J R


I really like the Tesla, but that Kia is awesome.

Author — MeeHaGarcia


I might be wrong, but this is the first video of this sort i've seen and its brilliant. Good job carwow.
Also, the Kia is a god damn boss! Incredible result, considering the price and all.

Author — milosilic23