The PERFECT Gaming Chair?! - ASUS ROG Chariot Review

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ASUS ROG's Chariot and Chariot Core gaming chairs seem mighty impressive, but are they everything we hoped they'd be? Well, let's find out in this review!

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💬 Comments

Thank you for such a darn good review. Thanks to you I’m gonna get this matey. I’m from Johannesburg. Thank you sir

Author — The_ Loot_GaMer


O my god someone is finally reviewing this chair is this good

Author — Tyrone Cummins


7:40 - if this chair can handle that stuff then I guess its a serious piece of Aluminum 😂 😂. Great work Tank, I always enjoy your content....the best 👍

Author — Crypto Hawk


This is the most in depth review of this char I've been able to find. Thank you!

Author — JC Raymond


" much better than being responsible", lol It looks like it would also be a good napping chair.

Author — ThatPaulGuy


Great video! Not looking for a chair but thought I would comment for the algorithm. 😉

Author — Dex


Thanks for your review, really help me pick the right chair.

Author — Edwin Lai


If this chair was for sale I would have gotten it. I just ordered a secret lab Titan a week ago too. Dang it! Lol good video

Author — Jacester 1324


Thx. Im a big person too so i think im going for this too.

Author — Nils M. B. Pettersen


Super easy barely an hahahaha good to see you watch pitch meetings from screen rant. Theyre

Author — Grumpy Monk


This just came out on our place.
Considering buying this one.

How is it a month after this review?

Author — Hibi A


I will definitely be subscribing this is the first video of yours I've seen because I'm in the market for a new gaming chair and I found your video extremely informative and very entertaining. Thanks bro.

Author — Garnell Cooper


May I inquire if you have tried Secret Lab's gaming chairs? I am currently trying to compare for which chair im going to get.

Author — FNRAZO


I just got mine finally. Its so well made and solid. Also extremely comfortable.

Author — Gilligoose


I really like this chair, but its 875$ here in Denmark where i live 😅

Author — Patrick ellegaard


LMAO... This was a great video tank! Man this is my next chair. I been using a amazon big and tall chair that was about $260. It is still going strong 3 years later. The seams stitching is starting to go but has not fully opened yet. So I was looking for something new and I think I found it thanks to your video!

Author — Luke G


Did you try the Thermaltake Tt ESports X Comfort AIR With 4 Cooling Fans? Should I get it or get this one in the video?

Author — Mostafa Hatem


Hi There. does the ROG chariot support 350lbs?

Author — daryl abulencia


Where did you buy this chair, I cant find a trusted retailer in NA

Author — Zashius Grigsby


Where can i purchase it :( I am hunting for one in South Africa? Willing to import as well

Author — avril_m _tech