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My Drawing Came To Life! | Gacha Life Mini Movie 5

When friendless Jessica recieves a pencil for her birthday, the last thing she expects is for her OC drawing to come to life. How did Haruki come to life, and how will things pan out when he starts going to school with her?

help. ;_;

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Hope you enjoy <3 Some of you are asking if I was inspired by another GLMM and I just want to clear up that this is my original story idea; I know there is a popular glmm about drawing too but honestly I haven't seen it, it was a coincidence that we thought of the same concept! It isn't my intention to copy! I'm sure the stories are not similar anyway, but I hope that clears things up 😅

Author — RosyClozy


* Me in this scenario *

*wow my stick man came to life*

Edit: thank for like *MLG Gamer* 😏

Author — 『 Neko - Nova 』


me: has the pencil*
me: draws a million dollars*
me: gets a million dollars
me: looses a million dollars after a week
me: looses pencil
me: hates life

part 2 of sad pencil life

finds pencil

is happy

dies because hes 100 years old

part 3 (we did it at 29 likes because I want to)

Dog finds pencil

Dog realizes the dog is really me

Dog dies

Part 4 how do u manage to do that

Cat survives

Cat eats cookie

Cat dies

Part 5 wow

Hippo comes from forest

Hippo poops

Hippo finds a phone

Hippo finds this comment

Part 6 at 48 likes omg why

Hippo be like: wait this is about me

Hippo faints

Hippo poops while fainting

Hippo finds cookie

Hippo eats cookie while fainting

Me: stop this

Part 7 at 91 likes omg how

Me: kills hippo

Some random dude: finds pencil

110 likes for part 8 wow

RNdom guy: poops with pencil

Random guy; it fell in toilet

Random guy: goes to LEGO land

Random guy: goes to bathroom in LEGO land

Random guy: finds pencil

Random guy: draws the end of the world 🌍 🌎 🗺

Part 8 at 190 likes haha you can’t reach it no way

Random guy ends world

Pencil drops onto saturn

Somebody grabs it

Part 9 at 265 likes sorry I was busy I moved places

Somebody drops it on Saturn

On Saturday Saturn turned to fire

But on Saturday there was also water

So the pencil game to life for 2 seconds and MLg water bucketed to the new earth god just made

Part 10 at 365 likes lol never hit it XD dangit

Pencil is now safe

Pencil is on floor

Pencil gets cut

Pencil is hurt

Pencil needs someone to pick him up and bring to hospital 🏥

Part 11 at dang

Someone random helps freakin doing things to him

Pencil gets fixed

Part 12 at uh 555 lol almost cursed

Author — Cookie The Gaming Master


l think she could write"Stays forever"so he could stay forever lol

Author — Tan Tran Thi


Her: *screams because haru is on her bed*

Me: *skips 5 seconds*

Ad: *blowing up tnt*

Author — Lazy_ Hackers1049


No Jessica, its not a dream, its called gacha logic

Author — Creamy.Shortcake owo


Who Wants A Part 2? 1 like = 1 Beg For a Part 2
Edit: DA PART 2 IS OUT :3

Author — • Alexi DJ UwUz •


If I got that pencil, I would say: I finally got a giant pencil! I've always wanted a giant pencil! 😂

Author — British_Bread 7


3:42 Jessica: "Uh, you can come out."

*Me in head imagining Haruki saying he's gay*

Author — Lulitta UwU


If I was in my drawing came to life:

Me: gets pencil from grandma

Two seconds later: pencil is eaten

Author — Sw


Haru\Haruki: “How would you feel if everyone treated you like you’re invisible?”

Me: “I would enjoy that, very much :3

Author — Midnight Huru


Mom: **says something**

Dad: Actually I-

Mom: *you dare appose me mortal*

Author — Mister Milk Man


Poor Austin. He's actually telling the truth.

Author — Elisekitty


Me: *realizes I have a magical pencil that brings things to life*
Me: *draws frankendoodle*
Me: I can't think of any other possible outcome

Author — Got- cha


Me: my eyes hurts medic goofle: HELLO WATS UR EMERGENCY Me:My eye hurts Google turn ons: Speaks Japanese

Author — Markus Philip Mina


I wish when I draw things they could come alive his story should be on Netflix or something

Author — Khadeeja Hussain


Me: draws 2 pencil
2 pencil- brings life

Draws* Quad money*

-don't read below me-

;-; I said dont

Author — Daisy Arguelles


Me: I want friends and I have only one

Author — Giampiero Fonte


literally nobody:
Haruki: cause I'm like an anime character

Author — Kurisu Kun


The person that got inside that book : YOU'LL ONLY BE ALIVE FOR 1 WEEK

Me : Aw jeez


Author — blueberry yoyo