What losing the House means for Trump - BBC News

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What losing the House means for Trump - BBC News 4
The Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives. The BBC's Anthony Zurcher looks at the fallout for the president and his plans for the next two years.

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Funny how the first thing that's mentioned is going after impeachment for Russian collusion, when the Hillary campaign paid an MI6 intelligence officer for Russian intelligence xD.

Such hypocrisy.

Author — Khorneflake


A lovely small hat. Telling us cattle how it is. Thank you BBC for bringing us the opinion of the small hats 24/7. You truly are their servants.

Author — AJ P


Basically it’s two years of wasted money on more investigations along with obstruction, turmoil, chaos and gridlock....wonderful 👍🏻

Author — Ryno Xpress


©™ ALX 💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍

House 👍 stops Trump.

Author — ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive


1:10 on top of all, outdated; Sessions just quit, FYI.

Author — Yakov Sanctius


Legend has it that "draining the swamp" means cleaning house 🏛

Author — D_Unknown


It means he’s got the Senate, and picks the next Supreme Court Judge when Ginsberg retires - TRUMP WINS AGAIN !
You don’t think he knows how to prioritise do you ?

Author — Brian Smith


Well he misses the Trump Tower actually

Author — Andres E. Gomez M.


Can someone type this video in layman's terms please 😂

Author — replay flairs


Look what just happened to Mr sessions lol bye bye

Author — 2232Stephen


Like it or not, ..it's the plain REALITY!

Author — Noble D.


"If Republicans stick together" that's the mercenery party they will not stick together.

Author — Mars


Wouldn't say he really lost it, it's so close that if he wants to push something Thur he could. Why with the lies ?? He won the senit and gained two more seats which if you understood the US politics then over all he's actually gained big time.

Author — Paul.T. M


and now is when it gets interesting...

Author — Joan Marco


America was actually about to get back on track and this shit happens

Author — CHΛRLIE