I seriously thought I was going to die... (trigger warning)

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I seriously thought I was going to die... (trigger warning) 5
What happened that day in Central Park was one of the most terrifying moments in my life but I think this story is important to share. I really thought I was going to die and felt so vulnerable but I'm so grateful to the woman who helped my mom and I get out safely. Spread love and kindness, everyone!

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Who else freaked out a little when she said “my husband”?

Author — Ava Lewis


To all the people that think she is overreacting:

Stampedes have killed MANY people before, people that have their vision, whilst molly doesn't.

Author — Nichole Tysoe-Short


who else was about to cry because they were so scared for molly and gallop and her mom like when she said gallop ran away and her mom was on the ground I was like and i literally wanted to go give her a hug

Author — honeycat


That honestly sounds absolutely terrifying for a sighted person, I can't even comprehend how terrifying it must've been when you can't see anything. I'm so glad you got out safely.

Author — Chopperman


I got chills when you said, “Molly run!”

I have PTSD from getting held against my will in a different state and sexually assaulted. No one knew where I was and neither did I. They tried to get me to take pills, they gave me a “present”, told me I was gonna be their pet and filmed the assault. They were really fucking sick. I escaped several hours later after they fell asleep and went to a house where the police were called and the 3 of the attackers were arrested and convicted for what they did and 2 of them got 17 years. One of them was a friend from High School, whom I’ve known for years, and he set it up and took me there and basically ruined my life. He was only charged for the restraint, because it was part of a plea deal. So he only got 7 years.

It’ll be 3 years in September since it happened and I have trust issues, flashbacks, anxiety, am extremely more aware of my surroundings, always tell my mom where I’m going and allow her to track my phone. I even set up the sos emergency option on my iPhone, which I wish I had done before because they locked me out of my own phone so I couldn’t call for help. When I got it back in the police car I could see all the texts my family sent me and phone calls I missed, but couldn’t call them back... Even family from my home state called me. They knew what happened because I was able to get into my laptop and messaged my sister, and two friends who were up and told them to call the cops and told them the license plate number of their car I could barely see out a small window in the bathroom. I sent it to them before I escaped, just in case I didn’t make it...They threatened to torture me before, so I didn’t know what would happen if they caught me. It didn’t feel real and I was so fucking terrified. I still get scared of them finding me when they get out. I already moved once but I want to move again.

We all were traumatized and my sister and mom would be so scared every time I leave the house. We still struggle with that, but we are almost back to normal again. Recently I went to a store across the street from the DMV I was going to, and browsed around to see what they had for their liquidation sale of the store. It’s in our small town and I went in, but lost service in there and never called. I was in there a good 20/30 minutes. As I walked out my sister pulls up fast slamming her brakes when she pulled up next to me and cussed me out crying. It’s moments like that I remember that, it wasn’t just me who was traumatized. I felt bad about it.
I finally started trying to work as of last week and I’m starting to live a real normal life again! So it took time to heal, but I do have some what of a happy ending. I’m at least taking the steps to not letting what happened to me ruin my life anymore. Thank you for taking the time to read this. ♥️

Author — Rascal Ragdoll182


Even if you guys do think she is overreacting remember she is completely blind and can only go by what she can hear so that is scary

Edit:THX FOR ALL THE LIKES ❤️❤️❤️😆and if you want I’m a small you tuber and if you subscribe I will subscribe back

Author — Makenna Plays


Im blind and autistic and this made me cry that she was truly an angel ❤️❤️

Author — Hayley Treen


I can't believe anyone would downplay this in any way, bling or not. People running in panic in crowds is no joke. When I was in high school there was some situation like this but in a discoclub with some party for teenagers. There was only one good exit or something and in the panic people just ran over other people. 11 teenagers were injured and 2 died from these injuries. From people stepping over them.

Author — Urban .Fairytalez


“My husband-“
“Shawn mendes”
Me: *oh*

Author — Lexi Bruke


I was in a Toronto shooting once, and my sister is blind, I know exactly how you, your mother, and those wonderful people felt. You and your mother are so brave and amazing. I tried to help my sister too, but it was the same, I couldn’t, and it haunts me so much. You are such an amazing person. 😇😊

Author — Shane Vanlerberghe


I would actually like to hear this story from her moms point of view and how she felt during the whole ordeal. You're so brave molly!

Author — Sammy Jay


You forget mollys blind and when you remember you panic for her, I I could I would give her my eyes

Author — hdjejehdbdhejd dhdudjdjdhdyd


The scariest moment I've ever had was a few years ago. I was jogging, no headphones, broad daylight in my neighborhood. I felt safe, not a care. Two guys pull up and one of them gets out and tries to grab me. I got away. I got lucky. I have never been the same. Had my first anxiety attack later that evening and have been having them ever since.



I literally cried listening to you talk about the wonderful people who helped you and your mama. Oh my gosh.

Author — Savannah King


Molly, I was there at the festival with my brother. My brother was the one who stopped all of those people from trampling over your mom and the woman with her, and no, I'm not looking for attention. My brother broke his leg that night and it was because of people who didn't think to help people. If anyone says that everyone was being dramatic, they are wrong. Molly, I'm so glad you are ok, I saw you alone and I tried to help you, but I got trampled by people. I just want to say, thank you for explaining this event because it was wierd.

Author — Gacha_ Alex


Molly:its every man for themselves

Me:except molly Molly's mom and gallop

Author — Kristi Pollard


No one:
Literally no one:
Molly: "My husband Shawn Mendes was playing...."

Author — Lia Neel


I LOVE her shirt and it even matches her hair omg she is so pretty

Author — Josephine Marsh


Now I worked security for over 10 years now, WHY would they be telling people to run. By telling people to run you are now preventing people from evacuating. You can tell them to keep moving, to move faster, but never utter the R word. As security they should have been providing instructions not inciting panic. More people get killed or injured because of panic then the actual situation.

Author — RoMayDrako


When you said you lost gallop, i lost my mind🤧

Author — AulonaCREATIVE •