Ray Dalio on U.S. - China Trade Tensions, Markets

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Ray Dalio on U.S. - China Trade Tensions, Markets 4.5

Ray Dalio, hedge fund giant Bridgewater Associates, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss markets, interest rates, the debt market and U.S.-China trade tensions.

The dispute between the U.S. and China over trade deficits and surpluses is rather trivial compared to the broader philosophical differences between the world's two biggest economic superpowers, Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio told CNBC on Thursday.

"The trade war, I think, can be worked out," the billionaire investor Dalio said in a "Squawk Box" interview on CNBC. But he argued the conflict goes "way beyond the trade war."

Dalio, co-CIO and co-chairman at Bridgewater, said the two nations' polar opposite methods of governing is the broader, more difficult issue to reconcile. "It goes back to Confucius in 500 B.C.," he said.

"It's basically a top-down versus a bottom-up type of approach," said Dalio, whose China unit of Bridgewater last month launched its first onshore Chinese investment fund.

"When you look at the 2025 plan in China, the government believes that they should have a plan for making China great" and will coordinate all aspects of public and private enterprise to achieve their goals, he said. "That type of activity is objectionable to the United States" in its free market economy.

The China 2025 plan is a state-backed industrial policy that's provoked alarm in the West, and is core to Washington's complaints about Beijing's technological ambitions.

Dalio appeared on CNBC from the Greenwich Economic Forum in Connecticut where he later spoke to the elite gathering of investment thought leaders.

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Ray Dalio on U.S. - China Trade Tensions, Markets

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The man is obviously freezing--nobody could get him an overcoat or something? I mean, I can see his breath!

Author — Drew Conway


I think the anchors finally heeded the advice of youtube comments and actually let this brilliant man speak without being interrupted.

Author — Robert


Ray dalio is one of the smartest people of our generation great guy wish I could work with bridgwater

Author — Meir Frankel


When Ray says jump, You say " How high Ray " Absolute legend of a man.

Author — Greiguci Wootchie


Ray is the only financial guy I trust. But I don’t feel like enough people listen to him.

Author — Mike McKay


I love Ray, learn sth new every time hear him speak

Author — Browning Lui


So America plans to sell more of its debt overseas if it gets into trouble, like to China. Good luck with that.

Author — Phillip Leong


People are already leaving New York State/City. 200k negative gain annually. Businesses are already leaving. Amazon alone isnt going to save New York.

Author — Robert Lee James Welch


The fed will artificially prop up the bond market and be buyer of last resort. How does ray dalio think of capitalism now?

Author — Chicken Inasal


Is it just me or the anchor looks like Dalio's son?

Author — rajdeep Chakaravarty


Will GE be bailed out by the Fed, either during QE4 or before with an emergency lending facility ?

Author — Jorge Ponce


Is that his dad? I can't watch this, the man looks like he's going into hypothermia on live TV

Author — M D


Trump is trying to prevent China from becoming the worlds #1 economy with this Trade War. He's going after their 25-year plan which they state they will become the #1 Economy.

Author — Jason Corbin


Ray Dalio looks like Two-Face in the Thumbnail

Author — Eric Rivera


He was invited and dont let him speak, what the heck?

Author — hayashi leo


Can you just tell me which stocks to buy?

Author — SouthBayRider


Tweaking the the Frankenstein monster will not work.

Author — Simon Ata


Liked this guy's catch. Heading to the last day.

Author — As H


let see who will be the winner of this running show Between china and US

Author — sabri ritonga


the hard part is to explain to other nations the logic of US side.

Author — Wonderful Mockingbird