Historians Are Forbidden To Go Here. Baalbek Building Technologies That We Can't Repeat

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Historians Are Forbidden To Go Here. Baalbek Building Technologies That We Can't Repeat 4.5

If you have an interest in ancient superstructures and monuments, you’ve probably done some research into places like Stonehenge in England, the Pyramids of Egypt, and maybe even Carahunge in Armenia. Perhaps you’ve even watched videos about them here on YouTube! If so, then during that time, you must have heard whispers about the truly mystifying ruins of Baalbek in Lebanon. Compared to Baalbek, all the other wonders of the ancient world are trivial - they might as well be climbing frames for children.

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well, if you hadn't burned the library at Alexandria, we might know...

Author — AJ


12 thousands years ago there was a cataclysim that erased too much of the hystory of another civilization on earth before us! they were bigger than us. I think they left and they wanted to destroyed everything what they left behind even though they tried they failed because those who survived started all over again... and here we are trying to figure this out...

Author — Revista Doho


It's very simple. A lost technology. A higher civilization that was lost.

Author — Jim Wilson


The Book Of Enoch says that the fallen angels taught men heavenly secrets that were forbidden. These people were wiped out in the flood and the technology was lost, which explains the sudden stop of construction world wide.

Author — Silvertip1958


I heard that quartz, diamond tools and water was used. When you conquer a country you take their secrets. You study the secrets and make them your own. It's how we have electricity among other things - from the Ancients. As with most all knowledge, it was stolen. It explains why the tools didn't survive. The diamonds were likely broken down into a monetary item to sell by looters or conquerors. And yes, I agree that the burning of Alexandria set us back. It's probably why we still can't fathom how they built these monoliths in the first place. It's also my belief that enough of the library survived as to give us what we have today ie, ...computers. my point is that not much of what we have today is original. Just recycled into something else.
The renaissance scholars had access to the Medici Library, much of which is now in the Pope's Vault in the Vatican. A lot of history is hidden. Knowledge privy to those educated or passive enough to be trusted with it.

Author — Elle B


These buildings were built in the first earth age

Author — Ric Rovey


Amazing what was achieved without fractional reserve banking, and usury.

Author — Tayeb McCabe


Almost everything we know is a lie. People need to just admit there was a more advanced civilization than ourselves. The fact that we can explain away these structures built from hunter gather tools is just dumb

Author — 1977BangBang


1. maybe perhaps this ancient humans we so quickly like to deem were dumb, were actually way smarter than us today. i wonder what that says about those who believe in Evolution. it just might be a devolution instead.

2. about this megaliths, i got a hypothesis. most of their single blocks look very large! and due to the single fact that we never see any regular surrounding rocks from which they could've been cut off from. and coupled with the supernatural geometric precision that comes with these blocks. i think they were simply MADE AT THE SPOT. that's way easier than pulling and lifting.

Author — ONE


humans domesticated certain dinosaurs and they pulled pulleys lol

Author — Derick Harman


"And there were GIANTS in the world those days!"

Author — Larry Boysen


For a race of Giant extremely strong and intelligent angelic beings it would be child's play yo

Author — Mikel Robles


Money rules the world now, people are more interested in gaining money than knowledge and skills

Author — Chris Hicks


One more mystery that I hope will be solved before I KICK THE BUCKET! Hurry, please, I'm 75 already!

Author — Londa Warren


Imagine few thousand in future, where current human generation no longer exist. And new human generation study all leftover building and structure that still standing. I bet they also summarized this is alien job, helping human to build it. Hehe👽👽👽👽

Author — Zin Zinussan50


I went there with a historian and wouldn't you know it? They checked his historian card and kicked us out.

Author — Felton Pruett


There was no OSHA then, so work could actually be accomplished.

Author — David Dial


Fact: These ancient structures exist
Fact: As they are STONE we DON'T know WHEN they where created
Fact: We don't know how they were created
Fact: Humans were found in burial caves near by... Ok? if these humans had the technology to create structures like this then why the "fudge" are they using burial caves?... Something not quite adding up there. Could these humans simply have been neighbors, or opportunistic moochers? After all, we DO have a history of mooching as a species in general
Fact: Our long list of professionals eg geologists, archeologists, bible-ists, conspiracy theorists, kindygarten crayon colour-in-ists are all guessing
Fact: Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) we know is a guess!
Fact: This type of video and all others like it are a GUESS.
Fact: THAT is why this stuff is cool. The possibilities are
Fact: Love it!
Personal perspective: Love it!

Author — Shelley Thompson


Here's an idea.
IF (and I'm saying if) the Bible happens to be right, could it be that mankind was created with great knowledge? They built great cities, did beautiful artwork, made flying machines, as seen in ancient cultural artwork worldwide.
Then there was a flood. Everyone died except a shepherd family. All that knowledge was lost, and we are just now re-gaining some of this knowledge.
Fantastical, but it fits the evidence.

Author — Susan Zipf


"There were Giants in the earth in those days"

Author — Terry Callow