Trump announces new sanctions against Iran

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Trump announces new sanctions against Iran 3
President Donald Trump announced new sanctions against Iran on Monday in retaliation for the downing of a US drone last week.

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"America is a peace loving nation" and I am the Pope

Author — Chris Jones


Dude acts like he's starring in a second rate reality TV docudrama! WTF!!!

Author — Karl C.


Iran shoots down a drone. Sanctions.
Saudi Arabia kills a journalist. Weapons deal.
Drone lives matter.

Author — tecums3h


If I am ever president, I want to sign my executive orders in crayon.

Author — The Ritual Kings


Trump is an incompetent oaf.
We're the laughing stock of the world.
Trump is an abomination of a husband president negotiator and financier.
Mexico will pay for the impeachment.

Author — Mike Perkins


“We cannot ever let Iran have a nuclear weapon.” Pulls out of the nuclear deal

Author — Noe


Sanctions strengthen Iran's relationship with Russia.

Author — YouTube Lover


Is there anyone more in love with their own signature than Trump?

Author — Robin Fleet


He said “America is a peace loving nation”...I almost threw up....

Author — dhana suppiah


He waffles on giving no specific details because he doesn't understand what he is doing. Another thing that strikes me is the way he signs these documents - what other president signed with a felt tip marker ? He's an embarrassment to the USA.

Author — Lerie2010able


I'm amazed how the western and usa consider themselves as they are peace keepers of the world while they are the only country who used nuclear weapon in the human history to japan during the second war. Western hypocrisy

Author — Cabdiqani Sulub


It didn't work on North Korea, and it will not on Iran.. 🥁💛 🤣 The let's do Lunch President.

Author — Sandra Napier


WOW, he can read better then I thought! That was almost as good as my kids!

Author — BladeMasterz916


Hey Donald, The whole world is laughing, not with you, at you.

Author — David Ellis


Looked like a coloring book hahaha. U.S is a joke and the only terrorist together with zionists. We will not have it!

Author — Zia Mia


Trump is the epitome of "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt".

Author — Michael Marceau


'Double-plus ungood'... Idiot-in-Chief making "stoppage"

Author — Joseph Allen


This is like burning down a decent house just to fireproof it the second time around

Author — Andre Stone


"America is a peace loving country!" - thats a ggod joke :D

Author — Hans Wurst


Imbecile: Announce sanctions against Saudi Arabia, Bolton and your secreatryu of State.

Author — Gemarica