Trump announces new sanctions against Iran

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Trump announces new sanctions against Iran 3
President Donald Trump announced new sanctions against Iran on Monday in retaliation for the downing of a US drone last week.

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Hi from Iran to American people, we're innocent people with evil governments like you, this war is between devils not people

Author — Kur osh


"America is a peace loving nation" and I am the Pope

Author — Chris Potts


If I am ever president, I want to sign my executive orders in crayon.

Author — The Ritual Kings


Sanctions strengthen Iran's relationship with Russia.

Author — YouTube Lover


Iran shoots down a drone. Sanctions.
Saudi Arabia kills a journalist. Weapons deal.
Drone lives matter.

Author — tecums3h


Dude acts like he's starring in a second rate reality TV docudrama! WTF!!!

Author — Karl Cain


Imbecile: Announce sanctions against Saudi Arabia, Bolton and your secreatryu of State.

Author — Gemarica


Is there anyone more in love with their own signature than Trump?

Author — Robin Fleet


It didn't work on North Korea, and it will not on Iran.. 🥁💛 🤣 The let's do Lunch President.

Author — Sandra Napier


all this Iran thing they are trying to deter us from the real issue....
The Impeachment of Trump

Author — MARKIEZ


He said “America is a peace loving nation”...I almost threw up....

Author — dhana suppiah


WOW, he can read better then I thought! That was almost as good as my kids!

Author — BladeMasterz916


President Bone Spurs is gunna start a war.

Author — Eric Schmidt


Mr. Negotiator. I can't negotiate anything or get anyone to agree with me so I'll sign executive orders. Just ignore I use to badger Obama for doing the exact same thing

Author — Darrle Ennis


To the government of Iran your going about this the wrong way.Just send him love letters and your get to build your bomb like Korea your welcome 😁

Author — Beatz2572 0000


We DID NOT give Iran was their money, returned after they agreed to the deal Trump screwed up.

Author — Sam Home


Trump is an incompetent oaf.
We're the laughing stock of the world.
Trump is an abomination of a husband president negotiator and financier.
Mexico will pay for the impeachment.

Author — Mike Perkins


Yeah! Iran is being provacative! How dare they respond to months of provocation from us while still adhering to a deal we broke! So smug!

Author — Clutchyfinger


to be clear... no one knows who sabotaged the tankers.. and the Drone was flying in Iran airspace... soooo why is he doing this??? maybe

Author — FMR


This usa terror sanctions never worked on changing nations behavior. Cuba, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam. etc etc

Author — Yassine St