Hedy West (Volume 1) [Full Album/Vinyl]

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Hedy West sings the complete song list of her self-titled 1963 Vanguard album. Her second album was called Volume 2 so a "Volume 1" is added to the title here.


Side 1
00:02 Drowsy Sleeper (1:30)
01:33 Cotton Mill Girls (2:21)
03:55 Erin's Green Shore (4:05)
07:59 Shady Grove (1:55)
09:55 Single Girl (3:30)
13:27 Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (2:45)
16:14 500 Miles (2:53)

Side 2
19:12 The Brown Girl (5:10)
24:22 Letter From Down The Road (2:34)
27:00 Little Willie (2:00)
29:03 Sweet Jane (3:13)
32:17 Miner's Farewell (Poor Hardworking Miners) (2;07)
34:26 Fragments (2:31)
37:00 Fare Thee Well (1:45)


Hedy West was born in Cartersville, Georgia in 1938 and sings from the authentic singing tradition of her family, playing a 5-string banjo on these songs. She is credited with writing 'Cotton Mill Girls' from traditional material. Listening to that song and also 'Single Girl', '500 Miles' and 'Fragments' gives a good overview of her singing, but all songs are nicely done.

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Hedy was my aunt. I have vague childhood memories of her playing banjo for me while I was crying as a small kid. She was always tender and sweet with me and my sister. I now sit here, shedding tears as I listen to her beautiful melodies. I'm a lucky sonofabitch to have shared time with her. Her memory is a blessing.

Author — Simon Luling


These were songs we used to sing with our daughters when they were little --- we had bought the original Vanguard album when it came out and then lost it along the way. They mean a lot to us, so thank you so very much for allowing us to hear them again.

Author — Michael Fitzgerald


Beautiful songs. She got a biography in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography today

Author — Anders Ingram


I have been looking for this particular cover of Erin’s Green Shore and I finally found it! I first heard it on KDHX a month ago. I was driving in my car and I was totally transfixed!

Author — Cecily Erker


Probably the best rendition of Shady Grove I've ever heard. This mix is missing Little Sadie... One of her best pieces.

Author — Alex Brown


From a Cartersville girl to you, Hedy, I'll always remember your wonderful, authentic voice.

Author — Sara Hatton


I found this record at the davidson county library when I lived in Nashville back in 1991. I checked it out mainly because it included a version of 'shady grove'. oh, the many pleasures that lie within

Author — clay broome


I found her via 2 LP's in Sutton Recod Library in 1970. The only folk music they had! Subsequently I managed to buy my own copies. I still play them in 2021 in Poland!. Hedy, Joan Baez and Sandy Denny. Love them. Admire her politics too

Author — Chris Whitworth


The whole album is sensationally good, but her "bury me not" has really blown me away as of late.

Author — Guajiro


So happy to find the fll albums. Pressing my luck here, would love love to find a hedy west songbooks. Some lyrics are hard to understand. Thank you!

Author — Linda


I had most of her albums, including a couple given me by her father, Don West.

Author — James Herbert Williams


theres no folk singer that comes close to Hedy West.

Author — João Miguel Aliano


Salud, excellent album by a excellent artist

Author — AnneBritany


Thanks for posting this. Also love the photo montage.

Author — rcpmac


I had forgotten how good shei is thank you

Author — Deanna Hall


Thank you, , have this album! memories!

Author — Art Nisson


from a fellow Bartow-ian? proud to call u ours. sorry it took so long to meet. but glad I finally crossed ur path. how I never heard this before, I'm ashamed. who's not wanting to learn how to play banjo, now? it takes a special kinda of soul to make it out of here these days, can't imagine your times.

Author — Lady Spitfire