Razer Phone 2: The Non-Gamer's Review

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Razer Phone 2: The Non-Gamer's Review 5


This is a different sort of Razer Phone 2 review. Because for the past month, I’ve been using the Razer Phone 2 … differently. I’ve read a few books; I’ve made a lot of voice calls; I’ve watched decades-old television shows in glorious SD … and I’ve played a video game or two from roughly the same era. In other words: I’ve used the Razer Phone 2 as a non-gamer. And with one predictable exception, it has delivered. Join me for the MrMobile Razer Phone 2 Review!




MrMobile's Razer Phone 2 Review was produced following 35 days with a Razer Phone 2 review device provided by Razer. The device was tested on T-Mobile US in Los Angeles, Boston, New York City and London, UK.


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Rgb = more performance. Change my mind

Author — Afnan Amirruddin


This is a different kinda review, and I'm happy about it. And I'm loving the superb content quality.

Author — Maxwell J


Biggest upgrade = Color changing logo.

Author — Abstract Gaming


Hey folks! Before someone asks, yes I tried the Google Camera port on the Razer Phone 2 – and couldn't get it to run without constantly crashing. Also, I don't generally take that hack into account when evaluating camera performance. Still, would love to hear your results if you've tried same!

Author — MrMobile [Michael Fisher]


How doesn’t this guy have 1 million subs already!?

Author — Mr. bonus


this phone in 2019 now is 399.99 I wanna see a update video of how it holds up with all the updates and such in 2019

Author — Damian Torres


I've used my Razer Phone (First one) more as a normal phone too. The only games I have played are from emulators with a Bluetooth controller. Great review. Really looking forward to your ASUS ROG Phone review too.

Author — Ben Leesley


Hello Michael, I'd rather greet ya than bragging about being first

Author — VirPrime


even though I haven't watched the whole video, I'd just like to say that I love your videos and keep up the good work.

Author — Eli


I have had the phone since launch and I have to say that this phone is amazing in general, but especially for entertainment and media. MrMobile mentioned how some voices get distorted which I have noticed as well, usually at the high end volumes (>80%) but if you are playing them that high it is way, and I mean to loud so just don't. Also speaker phone does suck and is not loud at all. You can enable and disable Dolby Atmos, which when enabled the volume is much higher and fuller even at low volumes so I generally turn it off if I am trying to keep it quiet. The brightness is very good when indoors, which is where I spend most of my time anyway so no issue there. The screen at darker brightness is a little weird, at 0% it is very dark but at 1% it has a substantial increase in the brightness. I have noticed that turning the adaptive brightness can make the screen even darker at 0%, so leave adaptive brightness on for when chilling in the bed at night. Watching videos on the phone is superb due to the 2k display and the standard 16:9 aspect ratio and with no bezel makes it extremely straightforward with all apps. I do not play games on my phone, I mainly watch YouTube or Twitch and it is awesome because the sound quality is clear, full, and sounds a lot better than other new phones I have come across, sometimes a little too good when listening to a crappy mic, and because the screen is 16:9 the entire screen is used while watching most videos and all Twitch streams. This phone is amazing to use at night in bed because if you lay on one side or the other there is no issue with the sound coming out crappy since it is front firing. Listening to Spotify on the phone sounds great and the speakers are amazing to experience. 120hz is smooth and amazing, but not so amazing that it should be the sole reason to buy, thankfully the rest of the phone is great enough that the 120hz display is just icing on the cake. Aside from the camera being just OK everything else about the phone is smooth and snappy. If you love taking pictures then do NOT buy this phone, but if you rarely take pictures or are OK with just an average albeit fine looking picture then this phone is great. Also the Razer Chroma on the back is addictive as hell to change and then using nova prime to match the text colors to the color you choose for the Chroma. I highly recommend NOT buying the Kevlar case, reason being that the phone is large and to support it I usually use my pinky finger at the bottom of the phone and the Kevlar case has a lip at the bottom and top that is a little sharp so after 30 seconds or so it starts to bother me and there will be a line on my pinky where the skin has indented, if you do not do that then the case is very grippy and looks nice. Get a skin for this thing is looks better and makes the Chroma stand out better, yes you can have a skin on while having a case on as well.

Author — Kyle Graves


Purple dress shirt w/ an orange tie. Why didn't I ever think of that? Nobody wears a vest better than this man!!! Another superb review. His vocabulary is unchallenged, and his voice makes feel warm inside. 👍💯

Author — intel Wild


I absolutely L O V E the design of that phone. Especially now that the back is glass it just looks so clean

Author — Wallly


The speaker grills aren't representative of the actual holes the audio comes out of.

Author — stashmy ash


most of the razer phone reviews are from non-gamers but only Mr. Mobile said it out loud, this is why i like him ❤️

Author — TechCilium


Razor should learn from poco f1 how to make a budget gaming phone, that is a top seller all over the world for $300

Author — stailleos


I really want this phone. It's pretty amazing, but I'm a headphone jack and stylus fan. Great review!

Author — J K


I was just thinking about when is a new video from Mr mobile going to come out then i hit refresh by the way your my favourite tech reviewer found a new respect for motorola

Author — jstott93


The only type of reviews that I like. Still the only 120hz display on a mobile phone on the market too!

Author — LeBeautiful


I like my razor phone 2. And I just downloaded the Google camera app and now my photos are gorgeous

Author — GRHA


Mr. Mobile is not a GAMER but he is still EPIC.

Author — Crimson Arzuros