Introducing Impression In Studio

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Join Heath Robinson as he gives you a quick overview of the new features in The Impression in Studio Adjustment.

Recorded on September 17th 2017, using Topaz Studio 1.2.7

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Great stuff on the painting progress slider! I always want to "stop" the painting somehow. Thanks :)

Author — Jean-Pierre Pellissier


This Topaz Labs overview of their 2017 ”Impression in Studio" is an advertisement, not a tutorial. The vendor is currently offering a free upgrade to this impressive plugin for customers who previously licensed "Impression 2”. For new customers it will cost 99.99 USD.

With publicity trumpeting the innovation of ”Impression in Studio”, I would have thought Topaz’ Programmers would have included tools for Artists to manually touch-up digitally semi-automated, painted photographic images. It appears I have to go back to Photoshop and use PS brushes to do these touch-ups.

Author — Peter Solomon


I have had Topaz Impression some years and it has been ok.I downloded yesterday your Studio - which i had to download to get update to impression. Your update is good but my PSCC is a snail after getting Studio with impression there and Studio is instabel . -PSCC was fast before and very stabel with all other plug-ins - many from you...If I cannot get Studio standalone, . so i leave your company I cannot have a snail PSCC on strong PC..Pity because you have been very good company with great softwares.